10 HOT Items for Baby

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When you're out shopping for items for baby, consider some of these HOT products. You'll keep your child cool, organized and happy with them!


1. Cooltech Car Seat Cooler

by Cool Carats | coolcarats.com | $39.99
Freeze this portable device to place in an empty, hot car seat to cool it. It’s kind of a big thing to stick in your freezer, though, especially if you only have a standard size fridge. I actually think it’s OK to just keep it refrigerated and not frozen so that you keep the moisture down. And, this is NOT something you sit your child on … at all. It goes on the seat after the child has been removed.


2. Geleeo

by Helamia | geleeo.com | $49.95
Self-cooling stroller liner for kids to sit on while strolling around. This, parents, IS for the child to sit on. The liner is made to give a little cooling sensation once your child’s body starts to heat up. Interesting, huh?


3. EquiptBaby

by Kristin Hatfield (mommy and owner) | equiptbaby.com | $149.95
This portable bassinet in a diaper bag is great for outdoors with Baby. The bag itself has an unusual plastic bottom that folds. Inside, you’ll find space like any other diaper bag, but there’s the cool little pop-up bassinet, too. It flings open and gives a mesh covering for baby to lay in. Hard part about this getting it to fold back up. You might want to practice at home with it before taking it out in public. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty cool!


4. SoapSox

by Phillips Entertainment Group | soapsoxkids.com | $14.95
An anti-microbial sponge that holds liquid or solid soap adds lather and fun to bathtime. There are two spots for your fingers to slide into to help hold the sponge. Once you fill it up with the soap of your choosing for your child, you’ll hear giggles while you scrub him clean. This is a great item to have for babies or young kids who really don’t like to take baths.


5. Candy Stripes Espadrille Soft Soles

by Robeez | myrobeez.com | $26
A canvas baby shoe with non-slip suede outsole has Baby in summer style! With the sole being so soft, it’s easy for Baby to bend his feet and move around without hurting her growing, little feet. These are perfect for a summer day outing. Check out all the styles for boys and girls online.


6. Sipsnap

by Double Double | sipsnap.com | $19.95 (set of three)
If you really despise sippy cups with the parts that come off, are hard to wash or whatever, then you just might like to learn more about Sipsnap. It’s a universal sippy cup lid that stretches over any cup! It’s a little tough to stretch it over the cup as you’re trying to hold the cup upright, still and full of drink. However, the kids love to be able to use your cups and not kiddie cups.


7. Poli Cup

by Granola Bebe | usapoli.com | $14.95
Yeah, it’s a sippy cup. Sometimes you just can’t get away from it, especially when you’ve left the house. It’s easy to clean and the extra parts are tethered together and rest inside the cup against the lid.


8. Rockaroo

by 4moms | 4moms.com | $159.99 – $179.99
I absolutely LOVED their original MamaRoo. So, of course I’m going to like this one! It has front-to-back gliding motion in five speeds and more. It’s like Baby’s sitting in his own rocking chair, but without the uneven bumps. This rocks smoothly and gently.


9. Backseat Organizer

by Prince Lionheart | princelionheart.com | $25
Keep distractions in the car at a minimum with this handy organizer. There’s a spot for just about everything so you can easily reach it while on the road … not that we encourage that, but sometimes you’ve gotta do what you gotta do! As your child gets older, continue to use it to hold their items. They will love being able to find something or keep it close without having to resort to stretching and trying to get something off the floor.


10. wipesWARMER pop!

by Prince Lionheart | princelionheart.com | $33
Take the chill out of diaper changes to keep baby happy. I’ve always noticed how much babies hate getting their diaper changed. It’s possible it’s because of the cold air and … that cold WIPE! With warm wipes, the pores are open and you can get a cleaner bottom.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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