10 Things for Your Summer Party

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You'll want these 10 items for your summer party! They'll have you organized, covered and having fun with friends and family while you're out by the water.

1. Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker


by Tacoma Propeller | seamaidicecream.com | $49.95
Turn your family’s boat into a floating ice cream parlor with this cool gadget that kids will love! Fill the maker with your favorite ice cream flavor recipe along with rock salt and ice in the appropriate chamber, then tow it behind your pontoon boat, cruiser or sailboat — it even works with a kayak! In about 20 minutes, you’ll have a frozen goody to enjoy. It makes 12.5 ounces of ice cream.

2. Pasadena Portable Wireless Speaker

TWL_Pasadena Speaker

by Acoustic Research | acoustic-research.com | $99.99
This 9.5-inches-tall Bluetooth speaker is durable for outdoor use — it looks like a lantern, too.  Play your favorite music from your device for up to 14 hours with its built-in rechargeable battery, or utilize its AC power via the included power supply.

3. Lob the Blob

Lob the Blob

by Airhead | airhead.com | $45
Bring an element of fun competition to your lakeside outing with a traditional Southern game. Lob the Blob is a water cornhole game featuring an inflatable, floating board. Team up and test your skills at landing the blobs in the 10-inch hole. Inflates and deflates easily, and it comes with four grommets for tethering should you opt to play on land.


4. Xo, G Wine

xog wine

by Giuliana Rancic | xogwine.com | $10 (four stack)
When you just want to have a single glass of wine … or if you have some friends over that share your taste in wine … the Xo, G Wine is just the thing. Each package comes with four shatterproof, pre-filled glasses that are individually sealed for freshness. The top one has a plastic top that you can reuse with the other glasses by covering it when your done and want to save the rest. The cups stack and click together, too.

5. Dry Pro Cast Cover

Dry Pro


by Dry Corp | drycorp.com | $35.95 – $40.95
By far the coolest gadget out there for kids with a cast who don’t want to miss out on all the summer fun in the water. It’s a sleeve that’s made of high quality surgical rubber and fits over casts, bandages and more for waterproof protection. It comes with an attached suction mechanism that provides a vacuum seal to keep casts covered and dry, even when submerged in water. Just be sure to not suck out too much air and cut off circulation!

6. Folding Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Utility Wagon

by Mac Sports | macsports-store.com | $89.99
You can use it in the garden or just about anywhere! It’s compact enough to stuff in your trunk and take to the lake with you to haul all your supplies in one trip.

7. Collapsible Caddy

Academy caddy

by Academy Sports + Outdoors | academy.com | $24.99
It’s meant for coaches to use to hold the specific ball for the sport they’re in, but I think this is just fabulous to have to hold items you want to keep dry and easily reachable. I imagine towels, sunscreen and more stuffed inside it.

8. Party Bar

TWL_Igloo Party Bar

by Igloo | igloopartybar.com | $199 at Home Depot
This handy cooler lights up from under the ice to show you what’s left inside, without you having to freeze your hand off digging around for nothing. Not only does it have the LED lighting system, but it also features dividers to stay organized, a bottle opener on the side with a spot to catch the lids, and base with locking casters for easy transportation.

9. Bunch O Balloons



by Zuru | bunchoballoons.com | $12.99 for 105 water balloons
The original self-tying water balloons! That’s right, no more dropping water balloons on yourself as you attempt to tie those little knots. These balloons are attached to a filling nozzle that you attach to your garden hose or faucet. When the balloons reach their optimal capacity, they drop off and are instantly tied. Bombs away!

10. Stadium Islander Lounge

Stadium Islander Lounge

by WOW | gandermountain.org | $449
Take your party out onto the water with this huge inflatable island. Separate mesh seats hold up to 12 people, and there’s an open center so kids can have fun taking an easy dip into the water. It comes with an anchor bag, so no need to worry about floating away on your island.


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