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Fun things for giving to Mom and Dad this holiday season!

Parents enjoy unwrapping goodies from under the tree on Christmas, too! Here are our editors’ picks for Mom & Dad gifts this year:

Olloclip Lens








4-in-1 Photo Lens
by olloclip
$69.99 | olloclip.com
We know you love taking pictures of your kids and your phone is the easiest and fastest way to take and upload to social media. So, with the help of this photo lens, you can take better pictures with either a fisheye, wide-angle or one of two macros (10x and 15x), all with one lens! Available for iPhones 4/4S and 5 as well as Samsung Galaxy S5 and S4.











Clean Shave Crate
by Man Crates
$139.99 | mancrates.com
Give Dad the manly gift of a close shave! Packed in a wooden crate, this stylish collection of shaving goods includes a silver-tip badger brush, Parker razor with five blades, a classic shave mug, shave towel, pre-shave oil, glycerine face soap, aftershave and a nice, leather dopp kit. And Dad will have a blast prying open the crate with the accompanying crowbar!

Diamond Candles










Diamond Candles
$25 | diamondcandles.com
This makes the perfect gift. As you melt your candle and enjoy the powerful, yummy scent the disappearing wax will reveal a hidden treasure! Each candle comes with a ring hidden inside a plastic baggie which is wrapped in foil to protect it. The candles are 100 percent soy wax and the rings value anywhere from $10 – $5,000. Available scents are in food, fresh, fruity and winter collections.









Key Target
by Areaware | areaware.com
With a pop art style (choose from black or red), Dad can hit the bull’s eye with his keys or any other easy-to-misplace metal items. Made up of strong magnets, the target beckons Dad to playfully toss his stuff to a secure spot where he won’t lose track of them the next morning.









Mango Gift Set
by The Body Shop
$45 | thebodyshop-usa.com
It’s what all moms want and often seldom get, so when there’s actual time for a bath, help her make it a delicious one! This Mango Gift set includes mango shower gel, mango soap, mango body scrub, mango body butter and an orange mini crinkle lily. This is the thing she won’t buy for herself but she’ll be so pleased to receive from you!











Mommy Bracelet
by Mommy Bracelets
$84 a strand | mommybracelets.com
Every mom secretly wants a Mommy Bracelet and there are lots of styles and colors to choose from. These aren’t just ANY Mommy Bracelets, either, shown is the original (new, smaller sizes are also available in the Mommy II section of the website) including sterling silver letter blocks, gemstones, crystals and more.












Noir Leather Charging Tote
by Empowered | empoweredbag.com
This 100-percent leather tote bag is stylish for moms on the go, and it has a built-in device charger inside for nearly any device Mom owns, be it iPhone, Android, Kindle, iPad, or Galaxy S5. The bag charges Mom’s gear via cables inside, and recharging the bag is a snap — simply turn the cable around and plug the USB port into a computer or wall adapter.











Retro Gamer Crate
by Man Crates
$89.99 | mancrates.com
Young dads can enjoy a blast from the past with this gaming gift that comes packed in a wooden crate complete with a laser-etched crowbar! Inside, Dad will find a retro-bit NES console with two classic Nintendo games (randomly selected by Man Crates) along with a sweet collection of sugar-intoxication fare like Red Vines, Pez, Pop Rocks, Nerds, Mike & Ike, Bottle Caps and more.











Tea to Go
by Artland
$35 | uncommongoods.com
Here’s a gift that will be Mom’s new cup of tea! Tea to Go is a travel-ready tea infuser for making hot or cold tea. Simply fill one end with loose or bagged tea, add hot water and shake to begin the brewing process. Add a soothing cinnamon stick in cold months, and include ice and sliced lemon with your favorite tea for a cool sip in the summer. Tea to Go fits most holders from strollers to cars.

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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