5 Tips for Online Shopping

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We're just about to Black Friday ... Be ready and safe online when it's time to reach for your wallet.

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5 Tips for Successful Online
Holiday Shopping 


1. Make a List Then Shop Quickly & think ‘sales’

Make a list and be ready to shop for what you’re looking for. This will expedite your time. Online stores often have different sales. Keep up with sales by bookmarking your favorite websites and signing up for their newsletters so you’ll be first to learn about discounts and specials.

3. Read Online Reviews Before You Buy

Read online reviews about the products you’re interested in. Search for it on Google or Bing then read on.

3. Think “Security”

Before purchasing from a web site, read the “About Us” feature and if you can’t find it, don’t buy. Don’t let just any site acquire your credit card information. When you get to the payment page of the website, check the bottom and top of the payment window to ensure that “https:” is included in the link address. This ensures that the payment page is a secure site. The most secure websites display a symbol on the homepage (or the payment page) declaring that they are paying a third party security vendor to guarantee that your credit card information is safe. By clicking on this symbol you can verify that this association is valid. Verisign is just one of many security guarantee icons that appear on websites.

If you use a third party payment system your credit card information is never shown to the website operator. PayPal, Amazon, and Google Checkout are some of the more popular consumer payment vendors. If you already have an account with one of these vendors, the payment process is quick, easy and secure.


Utilize sites that offer free or flat-rate low-cost shipping.

5. Return Policy

Compare return policies on all the websites that offer the same product.






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