7 Tips for Visiting the New Baby

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Going to see the new baby? There's nothing more wonderful than arriving with a casserole or some ready-to-heat dish. Your new mom friend is tired, and bringing a little something to eat will make her so happy!

The new baby’s here! Yippee! You just want to hop in your car and zip on over, but hold on there a second, bucko. For common courtesy’s sake, keep the following etiquette in mind before you show up unexpectedly.

1) Ask Before You Go
Remember, new moms have a lot on their hands. Go when it’s convenient for her family, not when it’s convenient for you.

2) Be Prepared to be Helpful
Your new mom will be so grateful and happy if you jump right in and do a couple of simple chores for her. You’ll still have plenty of time for snuggling with the new baby, but if you see that she could use a hand with dishes or vacuuming, by all means gift her with your help!

3) Listen to her
Be sensitive to the mom and new baby. Even if you want to start telling your friend all about your new job and your new friends and so on, this visit is about the mom and baby. Just be quiet and there.

4) Arrive with food
There’s nothing more wonderful than arriving with a casserole or some ready-to-heat dish. She’s happy but tired and bringing a little something will make her so happy!

5) Don’t stay too long
Even though the new mom will be happy to have you, don’t set up camp just yet. She needs rest, time to get acclimated, and may even be on some kind of sleep when Baby sleeps schedule. Stay for 15 – 20 minutes then tell her you’ve got to run.

6) Stay away if you have a cold or something else
There’s nothing worse than someone showing up and announcing they are sick. New babies don’t need your germs and neither does your new mom friend. If you’re sick, call her, tell her, and make a raincheck to visit.

7) Tell her you love the baby’s name
There’s nothing worse than disapproval at this sensitive time with an infant. Even if you think the name she’s chosen for her little one is bizarre, keep it to yourself. Love her, love her baby.


Source: Mommy Code: A New Mom’s Guide to Surviving Parenthood by Keri M. White




Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

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