News Bites

Babies & Tots

A Love Letter to Friends & Family

Delivering a baby is stressful enough without having to think about your loved ones. Be up front about your needs before Baby arrives.

PreK Kids

Connect Kids to Nature Centers

Middle Tennessee's nature centers offer great programs for little kids to get connected to the natural world. (pictured: A local mom and son enjoying a nature hike at Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary.)

Big Kids

Misunderstood: Emotions and ADD

In a society where paying attention, following instructions and behaving according to the rules are valued, ADD kids don’t fit the mold.

Just You

Home Birth: Is it for YOU?

Having your baby your way is on the rise again. Whether you opt for delivering in a hospital or at home, a trend toward natural methods is showing at least some moms want less medical intervention.


Tips for a Great Easter Party

Don't let the lull of everyday life put a damper on your shindig decor! Check this out: The Chic offers up some easy ideas to brighten your Easter party.

Directory Spotlight

Camp Idyllwild

Duck River, TN

Divas & Dudes

Franklin, TN