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Babies & Tots

Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

Fever and rash have taken over your baby. It's possible he has hand, foot & mouth disease. Know the signs and what to do.


2015 Spring Books for Kids & Parents

It's time to get your READ on! Discover our Editor Picks in spring books for babies, preschoolers, big kids and parents in addition to a spunky collection of crafting books — PLUS get your kids hooked up to Summer Reading Programs at your local library!

Just You

“Explain My Pain” & the TMJ Connection

Local oral surgeon, dentist and medical doctor, Tony Urbanek, was tired. Tired of doing hundreds of jaw surgeries on women to ease their pain. One day he decided to STOP reading the journals, and START listening to his patients. That's when the light bulb went off.


Rockin’ Robots

What can you do with a bunch of skipping stones you found in the creek. A LOT! But here's one idea.