A “BEANy” Pilgrim Hat - Crafts for Kids

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A beany craft dedicated to pilgrims.

This would be a nice complimentary piece to your festive decor during Thanksgiving and it’s a fun craft for kids to do.

What You Need
Dried White Beans
Dried Black Beans
Popcorn kernels
White Construction Paper
Black Marker
Yellow Marker
Frame of your choice

What You Do

  1. In the center of your white construction paper, draw out a simple pilgrim hat with a gold buckle.
  2. Color it in.
  3. Now, taking one bean at a time, glue the black beans to fill in where you colored the hat black.
  4. Glue the popcorn kernels to fill in where you colored in the buckle.
  5. For the remaining part, glue the white beans all across where white is showing.
  6. Set aside to dry completely.
  7. The size that you made your craft will determine the size of the frame you will need. Once the craft is dry, frame it and hang it for all to see.

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