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FREE Kid’s Hour

@ Whole Foods, Franklin

Wild Things

@ The Wilderness Station, Murfreesboro

Toddler Time with Thomas

@ Sports*Com, Murfreesboro

Tiny Trainers

@ Sports*Com, Murfreesboro

FREE Music Together Intro Class

@ Renee's Groove Room, Nashville

Santa’s Polar Express

@ Longview Recreation Center, Spring Hill

Breakfast with Santa

@ Franklin Recreation Complex, Franklin

Santa’s Polar Express

@ Williamson County Recreation Complex, Nolensville

Easing Toddler Fears in the Night


Lions and tigers and bears? Oh my! The things that go bump in the night are often magnified in a young child’s imagination. You can tell your child monsters aren’t real … or you can get down on all fours …

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Now Bottled Water’s to Blame


You do not give your children juice, you limit the amounts of sugar they take in, and just when you thought you had your child’s dental hygiene under control comes the news that bottled water may be the culprit that’s causing your child’s cavities. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warns that bottled water… Read more »

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Navigating “No!”


Toddlers have a hard time with the word “No” at just about the time they are discovering that the world is their oyster. Here’s help for parents who don’t want to necessarily break their child’s spirit, but who know that children have to learn boundaries nevertheless.