Age-By-Age: 2 - 3 Years

Events: 2 - 3 Years

Movers and Shakers

@ Patterson Park Community Center, Murfreesboro

FREE Kid’s Hour

@ Whole Foods, Franklin

FREE Community Storytime: Peter Pan

@ Martin Center for Nashville Ballet, Nashville


@ Sports*Com, Murfreesboro

The Original Mud Run

@ Tap Root Farm, Franklin


@ Discovery Center at Murfree Spring, Murfreesboro

Parents’ Night Out Back-to-School Jam

@ Nashville School of Dance & Music, Nashville

Early Explorers

@ Adventure Science Center, Nashville

FREE Kid’s Hour

@ Whole Foods, Franklin

FREE Artful Tales: “The Goose Girl”

@ Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville

FREE Kid’s Hour

@ Whole Foods, Franklin

FREE ALC Fall Festival & Community Appreciation Day

@ Active Learning Center, Nashville

Taming Tantrums


Whether at home or in public, few things are as nerve racking as your young child’s meltdown. Local experts offer solutions on tantrums.

Help for Picky Eaters


Finicky eaters are a huge frustration to parents in the early years, so understand that it’s YOUR approach that will help them develop better eating choices as they grow.

The Trouble with ADHD


To medicate or not to medicate … is that the question? When it comes to a child with ADHD, finding the right “recipe” in order to help him is tricky.

Easing Toddler Fears in the Night


Lions and tigers and bears? Oh my! The things that go bump in the night are often magnified in a young child’s imagination. You can tell your child monsters aren’t real … or you can get down on all fours …