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From "breathing" animals to crafts to games and more, here are some fun toys your child ages 6 and older will love that you can buy at a local specialty store near you! Shop local this year.


Quadrilla Xcellerator
Hape | $129.99 | Ages 6 +
Speed and spin join forces in this wooden marble railway featuring a spiraling funnel of straight and curved rails,10 accelerators and a see-saw to challenge builders. The Xcellerator easily combines with other Quadrilla marble run sets for even more fun. Available at Phillips Toy Mart.


Perfect Petzzz
Perfect Petzzz | $39.99 | Ages 6 +
The plush, adorable dogs and cats in the Perfect Petzzz collection will delight your children. Watch their breathing tummies move up and down as they nap — it’s so real! Each pet includes a luxurious pet bed, a pet carrying box, a collar and an adoption certificate. Available at Learning Express Toys.


Super Spirograph
Kahootz | $39.99 | Ages 8 +
Lots of kids will love the classic activity that only Spirograph provides: it’s entirely satisfying to move your pen and watch gorgeous shapes take form — created by you! This toy will find Mom and maybe even Dad in on the action, too. When’s the last time you gave Spirograph a whirl? Available at Learning Express Toys, Brilliant Sky Toys and Phillips Toy Mart.

Plush Craft Parrot

Plush Craft Parrot
Orb Factory | $14.99 – $16.99 | Ages 6 +
Crafty kids will love making their own ruffled decorative pillow. All you do is follow the guide and use a stylus to gently punch the fabric pieces into the pillow. No sewing at all. Choose from a parrot or other animals, flowers, food and more. Styles and prices vary. These crafts are available at Parent-Teacher Stores.

iellow Red Riding Hood 2

Little Red Riding Hood
iello | $29.99 | Ages 7 +
Based on the beloved fairy tale, this game allows one player to be the wolf while the other players work together to get Little Red to Grandmother’s house first! It’s a fun and easy collaborative game for kids to enjoy. Available at Roll the Dice in Murfreesboro.


Pump Rocket Air Archer
GeoSpace | $25.99 | Ages 7 +
A powerful bungee cord gives this baby it’s launching action, and it’s tons of fun! Load one of the three provided foam rockets (with soft tips for safety’s sake) and send it out into the wild blue yonder — just make sure the dogs don’t get a hold of them or they’ll get chewed to bits! Available at Brilliant Sky Toys.


Lego Compatible Sports Figures
Oyo Sports | $12.99 – $14.99 | Ages 6 +
Lego-loving kids can add to their collection with compatible sports figures like Peyton Manning and Marcus Mariota. Manning comes in three versions: Tennessee Vols, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Bendable and posable, the figures come with a uniform, helmet, removable face mask, football and custom stand. Available at Phillips Toy Mart.


Slimeball Dodgetag
Diggin | $24.99 | Ages 6 +
A new take on “getting slimed,” kids can play the classic game of dodge ball, only using these soft, squishy, slimy balls and winging them at their opponent’s strapped-on vest. The slime balls stick to the vest but not to anything else. One set comes with two vests and four balls. Watch out! Available at Learning Express Toys.


Snowy Owl Puppet
Folkmanis | $16.99 | Ages 6 +
Folkmanis creates some of the most beautiful puppets in the world, large and small. Kids can be inspired toward imaginative play or just enjoy them for snuggling. All kinds of puppets are available, most with moveable features. Check out the vast collection online then head on out to hold one for yourself! Available at Brilliant Sky Toys.


Breyer Stablemates
Breyer | $29.99 | Ages 6 +
Everyone’s favorite model horses, the Breyer Stablemate set is a long-standing best seller because it makes for a perfect starter set. Included are two horses, a three-stall barn, corral fences and barrels for jumping. All that’s needed now is a horse-loving kid. Available at Main Street Toys and Brilliant Sky Toys.


Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set
Lionel | $239.99 | Ages 6 +
Kids will love the classic feel of this O-gauge remote control train with an old-time steam engine puffing real smoke as it goes and an impressive whistle to boot — crew announcements, too! The oval track is perfect for strategic placement under the tree for an authentic retro holiday feel. Available at Phillips Toy Mart.

2489 Air hockey(white)op

Air Hockey Tabletop Game
Westminster, Inc. | $25 | Ages 8 +
Kids love playing the air hockey game at the arcade. Now you can play it on your own time in your own home — on a smaller scale, of course. Hey, no reaching over! Available at Parent-Teacher Store in Murfreesboro. Select styles and prices may vary.

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