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This alphabet slider is fun and easy to do with your kids. It also provides good practice for hand-eye coordination and letter recognition.

When it comes time to make a craft, at my house the kids jump on the moment. We love making stuff. Usually, it’s me making something and my kids just watching and sometimes adding a little assistance. However, when it comes to doing homework or working on the ABCs with my youngest, it’s like pulling teeth! So, I had to come up with a fun way for him to want to learn what each letter looked like. Yeah, he can recite the alphabet just fine, and he knows several of the letters, but I know he can do more.

That’s why this craft is important to me. If you start with a younger child, this craft can also help build hand-eye coordination — just use your own caution/judgement with the small parts. We are using beads! When I asked my son to help me with a craft, he was excited. As we performed each little step, he was eager to do his part. Little did he know that he was slowly building a recognition of each letter as we picked them out. Once we were done, he could push all the beads to one end and slide them one-by-one as he said the letters of the alphabet. Definitely a fun way for him to learn his letters! Go make one and you’ll see.

What You Need

Thin dowel rod, wooden letter beads, pretty tape

What You Do

  1. Have them recite the alphabet and help them choose the letters in order.
  2. The kids will enjoy sliding the beads one-by-one onto the dowel rod.
  3. Once you’ve got all the letters in place, space them out a little.
  4. Take a strip of decorative tape, like Washi Tape, and wrap it around the ends to keep the beads on the dowel rod.
  5. Have extra letters? Help your child spell out his name in the same manner and add another piece of tape to keep it separated from the alphabet.
  6. Now, they can slide the letters down the rod as they say the alphabet. Great for letter recognition.


Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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