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If you would just take a second, your child who really wants to spend some time with you right now, could actually be making a creative work of art by simple things done around the house. Because ... ART is EVERYWHERE!

I love crafts. If you follow me on our site, you’re sure to already know that. My kids are always right up under me wanting to have their own hands in whatever I’m doing. I’m likely to allow them to help when it’s more of a fun, spur of the moment kind of thing … and, hesitant sometimes, to allow them to help with something really important, but I’ll find something they can do. If you’re not crafty or in to doing that sort of thing, you can STILL give your child an artistic moment with simple things that YOU do around the house. Take these simple tasks, for instance, and see how you can turn it into a fun, creative moment for the both of you:


Once you’re ready to lather up the car, get it really sudsy on the hood or trunk of the car. Try to get an even amount of suds (rather thick suds if at all possible — which means a little less water), then allow your child to “finger paint” into the suds. This works best in the shade so that it doesn’t dry up so fast.


Time to clean the counters! Whip out the suds again for this part of the house. Do just as you would for the car wash, but be more wary of how you splash it around. LOL. We don’t want you slip, sliding all over the floor!


Grab Dad’s shaving cream and spread some out all over the bathroom wall! Or, really any bath foam will do. You can draw right into it as well like the above ideas. We did this on our desks in elementary schools and that was the most fun I ever had when making something into an artful moment (as it was cleaning my desk!).


Weird, yes, but you can create some fabulous works of art with laundry! Use towels as the “grass”, roll up some shirts as “flowers”, use a sheet as the “sky”, white T-shirts as “clouds”. Whatever you can think of! You can fold a towel into a diamond shape for a kite and add a tube sock, or just several socks linked together, to make the string. Once you’ve created your scene, you can have your child lie down on it and become a part of it — if it’s big enough — and take a picture!


Are you pruning the flowers back? I know that sometimes I’ve got to trim the rose bush or it will just get really out of hand! LOL. Allow your kids to take the petals of the flowers and rub them on paper to “paint” a picture. This is sometimes difficult, however. It just depends on the flower and how dark its color is. The little yellow flowers that you can find wildly growing all over your yard right about now make a pretty yellow on paper!

I’m sure there are lots more ways to incorporate everyday life into artful moments, but this is all I can think of at the moment. 🙂

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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