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Most people agree that art is important for children. At the root is the fact that self-expression boosts a child’s ability to interact with the world around him, important for his overall development. You can easily encourage your kids at home with an assortment of supplies ranging from colored pencils and crayons to paint and clay. You can also take advantage of the many venues in the area that offer art activities for children.

One of my favorites is The Frist Center for the Visual Arts. It’s a great place to take your kids to connect them with art, and at its heart and soul resides the fabulous Martin ArtQuest Gallery on the second floor. What’s more, the activities and museum admission for kids 18 and younger are FREE!

Thirty different stations allow children of all ages to explore their creative minds through a hands-on approach. Here they can paint, sketch, make prints and more all while learning about the necessary elements of art like color, texture, perspective and beyond.

In fact, the different stations introduce kids to three distinct areas of art education: art essentials, art materials and techniques, and art and meaning, which encourages children to think about art and talk about it.

Some of the activities change in concert with current exhibitions in the galleries, so there’s often new projects to explore and learn from to stimulate the creative brain, and it’s so important for children to tap into that side of themselves no matter how old they are. It’s not just for kids, either! Moms and dads, you can have fun exploring your own imaginations right alongside your little ones, which will surely inspire them even more.

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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