Deborah Bohn

Domestic Adoption 101

With a little knowledge and a lot of love, domestic adoption can be a fantastic experience for all parties involved.

International Adoption

It’s ironic that some couples choose international adoption to eliminate the risk of a birthmother changing her mind, only to have the government of the country they select change the adoption rules midstream.

Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption is a great option for women who may experience infertility for a variety of reasons, but who, if given the chance, could safely gestate a baby.

Dreaming in Pregnancy

Thanks to the spike of progesterone during pregnancy, dreams can be vivid and even downright weird!

The Truth About Dishonesty

Kids are ALWAYS attempting to protect themselves when they lie — aren’t you?! Here’s the case for a little common sense and understanding.

Tracy Lawrence

This country music daddy has one hard and fast rule in his household: DON‘T GIVE UP … EVER.

Clay Walker

This platinum- selling country artist is father to two toddlers and two teens and thinks “Daddy“ is the coolest word in the dictionary.