Kiera Ashford - Baby Watch Blog

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

The Excited (Not Excited) Dad-to-Be

It’s hard when your partner doesn’t show as much excitement over the kicks and wiggles of the growing baby in your womb, but don’t fret over it.

Road-tripping Preggo: I’ve Gotta Pee!

Sitting comfortably in the passenger seat on a long road trip with the family while you’re pregnant seems innocent enough, but there’s an underlying danger.

Projected Birth Weight: Low vs High

Worried about the growth rate of your baby? Here’s what you should know about low birth weight and bigger-than-normal babies. But, in the early stages of pregnancy, you really shouldn’t worry too much.

It’s NOT Gas, It’s Baby Kicks!

Pregnant women know their bodies better than anyone else. So, if you think you’re feeling baby kicks, then be happy with that. Who cares if it really is just gas!?

Extreme Unstoppable Crying!

I had an emotional wake up call over the weekend. It’s one that never happened with my previous pregnancies and one that I hope will not happen again — unstoppable crying.

Baby Registry Brouhaha

Hush it mom bashers! A baby registry is for EVERYONE no matter what number child you’re on. The need is always there when it comes to getting pregnant again.

Do Gender Predictor Tests Work?

For pregnant women who can’t wait to find out baby’s gender, trying out a gender predictor test is a fun way to pass the time — until you get an ultrasound.

The Truth About Epidurals

I think I can. I think I can. I think … maybe I can? The thought of NOT getting an epidural with Baby #3 has me intrigued.

Pregnant with Hypothyroidism

Emotions are out of whack and so is my thyroid. Go figure! Let’s add hypothyroidism to the pregnancy plate that will make any pregnant woman nauseous.

Over Doing It

Everyone says I should take it easy since I’m pregnant, but I’m not a helpless woman! I’m actually a do-it-your-selfer. So what do you do with the likes of me?