Kiera Ashford - Baby Watch Blog

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

Make Room for Baby

When you add a third child into the mix in your three-bedroom home, a sibling is gonna share a room. Here’s how I plan to make room for Baby.

Feeling Left Out

What’s a pregnant mom to do when the youngest starts to feel left out and acting out on it so early in the pregnancy? Let’s hope it doesn’t last!

Pregnancy’s a Theme Park!

Free admission to the prego theme park! You’re going whether you like it or not, so prepare for the fun, and not so fun, moments ahead.

My Top 3 Pregnancy Annoyances

Three irksome things that I really want you to know about that bug me now that I’m pregnant with baby #3 … and I’m not trying to be mean.

Building a Rock Garden

How finding rocks along the hiking trail leads to pleasant surprises in the end … with a few good stories to tell, too.

Do with Your Kids What You Did as a Kid

If you don’t share with your kids what you did as a kid, then you’re teaching them to do the same to their own children. Make moments with them that they’ll want to do with their own kids, too.

I Salute You, Dugout Mom

I salute YOU, new dugout mom and I thank you for being their for the team and taking care of all those little players during all those little games.

Fancy Rose Egg Craft

Who would’ve thought streamer paper could help you turn a plain egg into something beautiful? Check out this Fancy Rose Egg craft.

My Daughter’s First Crush

When your daughter admits to having a crush on a boy. The first one. And, you’re privy to knowing his name!

Dressing Up a Picture Frame

There’s a lot you can do with a simple little picture frame … all you need is a few things you can probably find around your house for this DIY project.