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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

Having Fun with Burlap

When you have burlap, it’s easy to make a cool, country craft. There’s more you can do with burlap than you think … like decorating giant pickle jars.

Homegrown Maze

You never know how much fun your kids will have in a homegrown maze until you give in and make them one in the yard!

Salt Dough Anyone?

Don’t wait for the holidays before breaking out the salt dough recipe. It’s something you can do at ANY time of the year! You’re kids will love it!

Edible Art

There IS a way to help kids love veggie and fruit slices — have some fun and create some yummy edible art with them!

Creating Sand Art

Sand art doesn’t have to be the colorful, bottled kind. It can be something as simple as a stick and all natural sand!

Settin’ Up for a Party

When your party napkins try to be gone with the wind, weigh them down with a decorative tile. Turn it into a craft for kids.

Afraid of the Dark? Make a Craft!

When the lights go out and your kids are afraid of the dark, it’s time to make use of some quality time with them … and make crafts!


If you would just take a second, your child who really wants to spend some time with you right now, could actually be making a creative work of art by simple things done around the house. Because … ART is EVERYWHERE!

It’s a Sticker Maker!

The Xyron Creative Station makes stickers, magnets and more without use of batteries or electricity! The sticker maker will be a hit with any creative kid.