Just Sayin

Just Sayin' is a blog maintained by the editors of Nashville, Rutherford, Sumner and Williamson Parent magazines. Light on words but sharp on point of view, Just Sayin' seeks to shed light on subjects both controversial and obvious. Enjoy!

You’re Just a BIG TEASE, August Moon

Last summer, parents and kids heard that a swanky Drive-In theater would open in Nashville in spring 2018, but alas, the ground remains unbroken.

Steamed About STEM!

Does EVERYTHING have to be so educational for kids? Can’t we just let them have some fun??

All’s Fair at the Fairgrounds

The Fairgrounds Nashville soon to get a facelift … with a soccer stadium. Locals not so happy about the idea.

When Kids and Theater Don’t Mix

When it comes to taking kids to theatrical performances, pay close attention to two important words: age appropriateness.

Stirring the Pot … Just a “Widdle”

Welcome to “Just Sayin’,” Nashville Parent’s opinion blog. You are welcome here, we are welcome here. The only thing NOT welcomed here are cuss words, name-calling and hate. Nashville Parent’s editors live in Middle Tennessee and share the experience of raising children here with you. When something strikes the editorial board as worthy, opinion about… Read more »