Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Holiday Shrektacular!

His name is in the title and he will make your children giggle like crazy during this wonderful … did I mention FREE … show that takes place within Gaylord Opryland Resort. That’s right, this show is free. They call it a street party as everyone who is in the hotel during the times of… Read more »

The Rockettes are Kickin’

This rockin’ show is a must-see for the entire family. Even little babies are in awe over the lights, music and dancing. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes celebrate their 85th season in style and excel in all areas of performance. Now through December 24, families can witness for themselves the grandness of… Read more »

Terracotta Pilgrim Hat

Here’s a craft that just about anyone can do and it is a great item to include in your centerpiece on the table or mantle. What You’ll Need Terracotta pot (small ones are great for kids) Paint (black, white and yellow) Newspaper Paintbrushes What You’ll Do Lay down a layer of newspaper for your work… Read more »

Bean-iful Corn

Instead of having the real thing just hanging around the house, you can make these easy cobs of corn to help set the scene for Thanksgiving. What You’ll Need Dried Bean Soup Mix (or a small bag of split peas and a small bag of kernels) Glue Paper Pencil What You’ll Do Set out a… Read more »

A Leafy Indian Headdress

For the Thanksgiving craft of the day, let’s nod to the Indians and make a headdress made from found objects. What You’ll Need Leaves of varying sizes and colors Stapler Strip of brown fabric of your choice (burlap looks pretty cool) What You’ll Do Take the leave and arrange them in order with a different… Read more »

Colorful Bean Napkin Holder

What You’ll Need Bag of 16 Bean Soup Dried Beans Paper towel roll (emptied) Glue (glue sticks worked best for us) Scissors Bowl What You’ll Do Pour some of the beans into the bowl. Cut your paper towel roll into circles two-inches wide. Put glue all over the outer part of the ring. While it’s… Read more »

Get Kids to Drink More Water

And you can with Dreamfarm Tapi: TAP squeeze drInk fountain. The award-winning Tapi allows you to turn practically any sink into a drinking fountain. It slides right onto the faucet and allows the water to flow right through it like normal. When your child wants a drink, all he has to do is either squeeze… Read more »

Scrapbook Turkey

What You’ll Need Scrapbook paper Brown paper Background paper of any color Fancy hole punch Regular hole punch Glue Markers Bowl Pencil Scissors What You’ll Do Set a background sheet of paper down. Take a brown piece of paper and set your bowl upside down on it. Trace the bowl with your pencil and then… Read more »

Our Family Tree(s)

What You’ll Need White paper Finger paint (brown, red, orange, yellow) Paint brush Every member of the family. What You’ll Do Set a large piece of white paper down on the table horizontally. The back side of wrapping paper would be great for this as you can get a good straight piece of paper out… Read more »

Paper Teepees

What You’ll Need Tan card stock or construction paper Pencil Markers Tape or stapler Scissors Plate What You’ll Do Take a piece of tan paper and lay it down on the table. Set your plate upside down on the paper and trace it with your pencil. Cut the circle out. Fold the circle in half…. Read more »