Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Cozy Soft Blankies

We’ve seen towels like this, but having a hooded blanket is a bonus! I know my daughter loves to just snuggle in her hooded towel after her bath. I typically have to peel it off her to get her dressed. We all know that something covering your head adds extra warmth to your body, right?… Read more »

Eco-Friendly Cooking and Storage Collection

Looking for something to cook in that is Earth friendly? With Earth Day coming up, you can celebrate with the purchase of the FridgeX Food Storage Collection by Ceramcor, which are all-natural silicone containers that are perfect for those who cook a lot. This six-piece round silicone storage set includes a 16 oz with cover,… Read more »

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock

This craft is for older kids with help from Mom or Dad, too. But, the ending result will be great — a cool new craft and bonding time with the parents! You can use this shamrock on pins, hair clips, etc. What You Need Green Felt Hot Glue Scissors What You Do Cut out a… Read more »

Carry It ALL!

It’s not a tote. It’s not a shopping bag. It’s a carry-it-all kind of bag. Aside from tossing your child in with your things, you can carry so much in this stylish and super durable tote. This Oversize Party Tote in Magnolia from Vonny is a canvas tote that is laminated on the inside for… Read more »

Stylin’ Shades for Tots

Your little sun glasses snatcher can cease all attempts to wear your shades now. Your tot can be just as stylish as Mom or Dad with these cute, cool sun glassses that are shaped right for their size. KooChooLoo Baby’s new line of shades offers shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, so when they drop — or… Read more »

Toddler Teeth Relief

If you can get past the fact that this product looks like a pacifier on the outside, then you are good to go. The Molar Muncher is, well, just that — a molar muncher. My 19-month-old has his big teeth coming in and the Molar Muncher became an instant hit with him. He has been… Read more »

String My Heart Along

  A Valentine’s Day Special: Craft 3 Here’s a craft for kids that is simple, fun and helps decorate your home for Valentine’s Day. String My Heart Along is a garland that you can hang just about anywhere — mantles, doorways, candlestick to candlestick, etc. What You Need Red or Pink Felt (or both) Scissors… Read more »

Wrap Suckers with Love

  A Valentine’s Day Special: Craft 2 Here’s a craft for kids that will require some help from Mom or Dad. Wrap Suckers with Love turns ordinary suckers into a special Valentine’s Day treat. What You Need Red or Pink Felt Marker Scissors Hot Glue Valentine’s Day Stick-on Sayings Thin White Ribbon Suckers What You… Read more »

Dicing Foods — Toddler Size

It’s time to eat and your toddler is hungry … NOW! Have you ever had this problem? An impatient, hungry little one that is crying at your heels because your are just not fast enough getting food prepared for him. Well, with The Dog Dicer, you can cut prep time in half … or more…. Read more »

COLORful Hearts

A Valentine’s Day Special: Craft 1 Here’s a craft for kids of the older set. It may also require some help from Mom or Dad, but the ending result is cute and fun! These COLORful Hearts are great to add a special touch to Valentine’s Day cards. What You Need Old crayons (without the paper… Read more »