Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Fall Leaf Rubbings

Here’s another leafy craft for kids to do while enjoying the leaves that have fallen off the trees. What You’ll Need Big leaves Crayons Paper Scissors What You’ll Do Lay the biggest leaf you can find on the table upside down so that you can feel the veins of it. Set a piece of paper… Read more »

Indian Corn

Get ready for Thanksgiving with an Indian Corn craft for kids. What You’ll Need Yellow paper Green paper Brown paint Orange paint Black paint Scissors Glue What You’ll Do Cut out a piece of yellow paper in the shape of a cob of corn. With the green paper, cut out about four leaves. Glue two… Read more »

Hang Your Purse … Here!

Here’s something we like that’s a cool fit for a great gift for Mom. The Pursenal Butler is a unique stand that has the coat/hat rack in mind. Instead, hang your purse here! This unique stand is made out of wrought iron and steel weighing 6 pounds, holds 12 bags (4 bags on each arm… Read more »

Bats on My Window!

I am known for putting paint and glue on places I shouldn’t. Like this Halloween craft for instance. What You’ll Need Puff paint Creativity What You’ll Do Right on the window, draw out a picture of a bat with the puff paint and fill it in. Let it dry. Allow it to stay there for… Read more »

Eyeball Cupcakes!

All eyes are on you when you bring these festive cupcakes to the party! What You’ll Need Cake mix (and all ingredients it requires) White icing Peach flavored gummy rings Hershey drops (or chocolate M&Ms) What You’ll Do Make your cupcakes per package instruction. Allow to cool. Spread out an even amount of white icing… Read more »

Turn Your Fireplace into a Vampire!

This is funny and great to do for those fireplaces that ARE NOT IN USE! It helps add a little something to the living room decor, too. What You’ll Need Car decorating kit (which is what we used here) — OR — White paper Red paper Scissors Tape What You’ll Do If you decide to… Read more »

Mummy Pizza Snacks

Here’s another fun Halloween craft that is easy to make and yummy to eat! What You’ll Need Pizza sauce Block of mozzarella cheese Cheese hand slicer Flatbread Mini pepperonis What You’ll Do Heat your oven to 350 degrees. Take your flatbread (we used Flatout flatbread that you can find in your local grocers deli) and… Read more »

Pumpkin TP Covers

Need to stack a bunch of toilet paper (aka TP) in the bathroom for the party and don’t want it to look bad? Turn those TP rolls into pumpkins with this super easy Halloween craft for kids. What You’ll Need Orange tissue paper Black marker Roll of TP What You’ll Do Set your roll of… Read more »

Fabric Bats

If you have the garden fabric we used in the last Halloween craft (Phantom in the Tree), this is a great and easy craft to use the scraps with. What You’ll Need Black fabric Scissors Black craft paper Markers/paint Glue String What You’ll Do Take a square piece of the fabric and fold it accordion… Read more »

Phantom in the Tree

Create your very own phantom to hang in the tree in your yard to scare your visitors this Halloween. This craft for kids will is great to hang and let the wind move around as it seems more lifelike. What You’ll Need Black garden fabric Paper Plate Glue Scissors Marker String Hole punch What You’ll… Read more »