Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

COLORful Hearts

A Valentine’s Day Special: Craft 1 Here’s a craft for kids of the older set. It may also require some help from Mom or Dad, but the ending result is cute and fun! These COLORful Hearts are great to add a special touch to Valentine’s Day cards. What You Need Old crayons (without the paper… Read more »

Easy Flower Clips

This craft for kids is geared a little more toward the older kids. Your children around age 7 and older should be able to do this — with a little help from you, too. They make for very cute and unique clips they can wear to school. What You Need Scrap fabric Beads Needle Thread… Read more »

Bathing Baby … Eco-Friendly

Looking for something to nourish your little one’s skin? Dolphin Organics has a fragrance free line that will leave Baby squeaky clean. With their labels very clearly marked with the ingredients, it’s easy to see that the product is made with organic or natural elements. You will not see anything listed under the artificial ingredients… Read more »

Looped Flowers

This cute little looped flower is an easy craft for kids. You can make lots of little flowers to hang around … or turn them into snowflakes in hopes that real ones hit the ground. What You Need Toilet paper or paper towel rolls (empty) Tissue paper Scissors Glue Paint Ribbon What You Do Take… Read more »

Tissue Paper Glass Ornaments

Are you a keeper of all the tissue paper from gifts? Well, this would be a great craft for you and your children. Once the holidays are over, you will most likely have an ample supply of Christmas tissue. So, here’s a simple, but messy, craft to put that tissue paper to good use. What… Read more »

Use Your Touchscreen Devices … with Your Gloves ON!

Don’t you just hate it when someone calls you while you’re enjoying the cold, winter air outside and you have to take your gloves off to answer the phone? Not anymore, you don’t! Invented by Brian Shy, Digits become your “digits” and allow you to use your touchscreen electronic devices without your hands having to… Read more »

Help for School Volunteers

For those of you who are school volunteers, room moms or teachers looking for easy, fun ideas, the Classroom Mom 45-Card Deck is just the thing! Appropriate for grades K – 3, this little box is full of ideas for games, parties, arts & crafts and teacher appreciation ideas. On each card, there are ideas… Read more »

Start a Southern Tradition with a Country Christmas

Here in the south, having a country Christmas is really not that out of the ordinary. However, you can make that tradition even more special by being part of A Country Christmas at Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort. I recently posted on the DreamWorks Experience that they are offering now through Jan. 3, 2012, and… Read more »

Kid’s On-the-Go Lap Tray a Hit!

As a busy parent, I find myself in the car … A LOT! As do many of you, I’m sure. There are those days that when I pick my daughter up from school, she is starving. So, as a special treat on a random day, I will let her get something to eat at her… Read more »

Paper Loop Christmas Trees

Here’s a cute little craft for kids to do while out for winter break. It may take a while, but the end result you will love. What You Need Toilet paper roll Construction paper or left over wrapping paper Glue Scissors What You Do Cut 6 strips of construction/wrapping paper for each of the varying… Read more »