Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Proudly Displaying

Looking for a different way to display the cards you have received? What about those precious drawings your little one has done for you? Photogator is just the thing for you. This durable, light-weight stand has three different slots in it – two curved and one straight – that allow you to stand your card… Read more »

Cookin’ Up Classy

OK, gentlemen! Are you cooking up something special for your sweetie this Valentine’s day? Do it in style – and with a humorous twist – wearing Attitude Aprons’ Tuxedo apron.   This durable apron is great for grilling or showing off your cooking skills in the kitchen. It is quite comical, too. The tuxedo image… Read more »

With Love … from the Grill Master

Want a special way to show you love your spouse or family this Valentine’s Day? Are you the cook of the house, too? Well, this unique little tool is perfect for the occasion. The Double Hearts BBQ Brand adds the perfect touch to your grilled dinner. Let it get hot as you are cooking, say… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Special Craft 1: Heart Necklace

  I will be posting a few crafting ideas to do with your kids over the next few days that are great for creating a special Valentine’s for a loved ones. These are easy to do with kids of almost any age – adult help and supervision for the toddler set. What you need: Construction… Read more »

A Costume for … Children’s Medicine!

With the changing of the weather, our children are bound to get some sort of sickness. Runny noses, coughs, fevers and more are just knocking at the door. It is the dreaded medicine that the children really start to hate. But that can change. There’s a children’s drink cup that I am calling the best… Read more »

Soaps with an Alternative Purpose

We all know that the main purpose for soap is to clean, right? We use it to wash our hands, dishes, clothes “¦ anything that gets dirty. Well, what if I told you that there is a soap that has another purpose – aside from just cleaning your hands? Kiss My Face Peace Soaps not… Read more »

Rain Stick Noise Makers

  Stuck inside? Take a look around the house and see what you have that you can make something with. You will be surprised to find many objects that make for a good crafting session with the kids. Try the Rain Stick Noise Makers: Here’s what you need: Paper towel/tissue paper tube (left over when… Read more »

Cuddly, Comfy Pals

Looking for cool toy to warm your child’s heart while it’s still cold out? Zoobies has introduced several new animals to their collections. Take Patch the Pinto for instance. He’s a cute little horse one minute, a pillow the next and then a blanket! All the comforts of nap time rolled into one nifty plush… Read more »

Word Creatures!

Whether it be a rainy day, the weekend — or a snow day — we are always trying to find things for our kiddos to do while inside. If you child has started school, or just beginning to learn how to write his name, fun crafting projects that requires him to use his writing skills… Read more »

Stop the Endless Pick-Up Game

Every parent has experienced this at one point in time with their child “¦ child throws toy, parent picks it up, child throws toy, parent picks it up, and so the game continues. But, what if you are out in public and are unaware that your child has tossed his special toy, sippy cup, bottle… Read more »