Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Shoebox School Box

This craft for kids is a great way to start the new school year off fun! It’s a simple little project that little hands will enjoy doing. This may not be something they can take to school to use, but it would be great to have around the house when there is homework to be… Read more »

Mini Cupcake Pops!

They are cute and add a special touch to any occasion. We see them everywhere, but did you know you can make them yourself!? My Little Cupcake has the cutest little cupcake mini-mold that is easy to use for nearly all ages. It even comes with an easy no-bake recipe that requires only a few… Read more »

Bathe Easy with Munchkin

Make bathtime a breeze — and safe, too! Bath time is not always just filling a tub of water and bathing your child. You must always keep little ones in mind when it comes to anything water. Munchkin is here to help you, too! As you prepare the water, you must be sure to not… Read more »

Kids Can Be Headchefs, Too!

Get the kids in the kitchen with these quirky utensils. Their cute, colorful bodies have bendable arms and legs, which will have kids excited to help out in the kitchen. These utensils are made with high quality silicone and are the perfect size for little hands! Another cute feature is that the feet on them… Read more »

Butterfly Flappers

Butterfly lovers can flap those butterfly wings! Here’s a cute craft for kids that is sure to make them happy. What you need Construction Paper Crayons or markers Popsicle stick, twig or a pencil Tape Safety Scissors What you do Draw a rectangle about two inches wide and four inches long in the center of… Read more »

Shot Stings No More!

A genius way to help kids overcome their fear of shots. It’s BUZZY: Taking the Sting Out of Shots. The name says it all, really. This cute, little bee has a removable compress that you keep in the fridge or freezer until ready to use. It then slides into place and acts as the wings… Read more »

American Flag Handprint

Want to create a unique American flag? This fun, messy craft for kids is just the thing! What you need Finger Paint (red, white and blue) Construction paper (any color aside from red, white or blue) Star whole punch White paper (for the stars) What you do Take your start whole punch and punch out… Read more »

Excitement and Adventure on the Deep Blue Sea

Grab your sea legs to set off on a memorable family vacation aboard a “Fun Ship” from Carnival. Driving up to the port, our mouths dropped open. “Oh, WOW!” exclaimed my 5-year-old daughter, Lilliana. “That is a BIG ship! Are we getting on that?!” We were about to embark on a voyage on the deep… Read more »

Paper Fireworks

Bring the fireworks inside! This cute craft for kids is easy and fun to do — and a little messy! Mess is good, when it comes to crafting. Try this craft out in celebration of Fourth of July. What you need Craft/construction paper School glue (glitter glue works good, too!) Glitter Safety Scissors Sticks Tape… Read more »

Floss with Water

Do your children hate using floss? The new Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids is hear to help. Designed for smaller hands, this water flosser helps get the food out from between the teeth, even in those tight spots. This unique tool has also been “clinically proven to be up to twice as effective as using… Read more »