Kiera Ashford, Associate Editor

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, here are some tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). All Dressed Up Before you head out to for a night of fun on this festive night, be sure to plan costumes that are bright and… Read more »

Painted Fall Leaf

Now that the leaves are starting to fall, gather some up and get ready for this next craft for kids. What You’ll Need Leaves Washable paint Paper Paintbrushes What You’ll Do • Set out a piece of paper. • Grab a leaf and add a drop of paint from three or four different colors to… Read more »

Allergy Alert Accessories

Your child has allergies. You want everyone to be aware of this while he’s at school, right? We don’t want the call saying your child who’s allergic to peanuts has eaten a peanut that someone gave him at lunch time. Usually, you will have already informed the teacher of this, but what about others? Take… Read more »

Home Button Protection

We let our little ones play with our iPhone, iPad, etc. It’s inevitable that they will push that “home” button and get out of the program that you set them to playing with. Leading them to explore all the other fun pictures to click on — maybe even call some one you don’t even know…. Read more »

Acorn Spinners

Now that the acorns are falling from the trees, grab the kids and collect some. There are many crafts you can do with them — like this one. Take the tops of acorns and turn them into spinning tops. What You’ll Need Acorns Playdough Sucker sticks or toothpicks What You’ll Do • Take an acorn… Read more »

Splashin’ and Relaxin’ in Sevierville

Wilderness at the Smokies indoor water park is open year round, but hurry to Lake Wilderness outdoor water park — it has limited hours this month!

Tybee Island

Get the Most out of a Beach Vacation on Tybee Island! From sand castles to lighthouses to animal spotting, you are sure to find something fun to do with the entire family in tow. Plan now for that perfect beach vacation during fall break. “Are we there yet?” A common question we hear from the… Read more »

Wild Family Fun on the Crystal Coast

This family destination is full of natural awe, great food, ocean-front homes, activities and wild horses! Be sure to check out the image gallery at the bottom of this page, too.

High Fashion for Kids

Here’s a line of children’s clothing that is sure to give them their own style aside from the norm we see everyday — KidCuteTure. Your child can be so super stylish in any of their clothes. I have never seen a design like this before and they are truly unique. The fabric for most of… Read more »

Monster Heads!

Here’s a fun craft for kids that you can do for fun this summer. As you use bottled drinks, save the lids. You can make a host of silly creatures with them. What You Need Caps from plastic bottles/jugs Glue stick Scissors Googly eyes (optional) Markers Construction paper Hole punch What You Do Take your… Read more »