Sandra Gordon

Home Birth: Is it for YOU?

Having your baby your way is on the rise again. Whether you opt for delivering in a hospital or at home, a trend toward natural methods is showing at least some moms want less medical intervention.

Safe from Summer Slip-Ups: Safety Tips

Summer should be a relaxing, carefree time, so keep an eye out with safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt:

Better Eaters at Home

We polled top chefs and dieticians to discover smarter ways to help you bring less fat and better taste to your family cooking.

The Trouble With Adderall

Focusing in on teenagers who don’t even have ADHD: They’re self-medicating in record numbers in order to get ahead in school.

How to Save on Baby Products

We all want to splurge on the new baby-to-be, but these days we simply can’t! Here are great ideas.

STOP the Mom Bullying!

Breastfeeding or using formula. Working versus staying at home. The best bedtime for toddlers. Whether to let babies cry it out. Or co-sleep. To give time-outs or not. Spanking — yes or no?

First Crushes, Puppy Love and Kids

Believe it or not, some boys and girls start “going out” in elementary school! It’s not serious when they’re so young, but as they move into middle school, the boy/girl dynamic can begin to take its toll.