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Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Day Camps for Little Ones

You may be wondering if a day camp would be good for your little girl or boy. Well, getting out and doing something fun is ALWAYS good! It’s also true that when you make friends with other moms, your kids make friends with their children. So go for it. Here’s a collection of day camps… Read more »

Four-Week Birthing Series

Learn about how movement and mobility will help your birthing experience during Birthfit Nashville’s four-week series for couples.

Breast or Bottle? It’s All About the Latch!

When you’re trying to decide between breast or bottle for your baby, take a lesson from me: latching on IS all it’s cracked up to be.      I wanted life at home with my newborn to be picture perfect. I wanted my family to be blown away by how capable I was. There I was… Read more »

Lesson From A Teenager

’Twas barely Thanksgiving when my 15-year-old boy asked, “Mom, can I bring up the Christmas boxes?” So excited, he was practically bursting. “Oh, man, it’s not even Thanksgiving, honey!”     “So what?!” he exclaimed, jiggling his knees, already heading for the basement stairs. And up they came, one by one. I barely had time to… Read more »

Happy Days? It’s the Little Things

As you’re going through your days with your kids, your home, your spring, your life … remember, this is your time. It doesn’t have to be filled with more than it is.

Messy, Not-So-Chill Mom Life

Rush, rush, figure out a way to get around the traffic, whip around the back way, my mind a whir of busy thoughts: my kids, my family, upcoming Thanksgiving and family trying to make plans, soccer tryouts, soccer games, football games, Halloween, the election … then boom! I saw her.

Don’t Force Kids Into Activities

Kids need plenty of time to dream and play and less time scuttling around in a car hurrying to get to some parent-enforced activity or other.