Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Let Your Children ROAR!

It’s a memory that will never be forgotten. I also have it on videotape. The children and I were dancing around in the living room. My toddler was napping, but Alexandra (6) and Noah (4) and I  (29 and holding, a-hem) were rocking out to music. Alexandra wore a princess costume, Noah a dinosaur, complete… Read more »

Resiliency Starts With YOU

It’s so hard to see your child unhappy. Whether he’s crying from fatigue or a skinned knee, when your child’s unhappy, you’re unhappy. Raising a child entails years on an emotional roller coaster, so you’d best buckle in and prepare.     Not all of us had wonderful childhoods — in fact, most of us… Read more »

Independent You!

So, who among you isn’t satisfied? Who has children tugging at a leg, needing a nose wipe, and it’s just annoying? Who’s exhausted and spent and doesn’t want to play anymore? It’s normal. It happens to all of us. Every so often we can fall into “woe is me” and that’s when you know you… Read more »

Birthdays: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Honestly, your 1-year-old couldn’t give a hoot about all the balloons you’re blowing up. She doesn’t care about all those presents you’re wrapping and the table covered with carefully crafted treats. In fact, Mommy’s acting kind of funny. Why is Mommy so frantic? BIRTHDAY MADNESS Let’s face it. Birthdays have a way of making us… Read more »

The Spy Who Loves You

No, it’s not a savory idea, and when your children are little it’s unfathomable. But sooner or later … you will spy.

Breast or Bottle? It’s All About the Latch!

When you’re trying to decide between breast or bottle for your baby, take a lesson from me: latching on IS all it’s cracked up to be.      I wanted life at home with my newborn to be picture perfect. I wanted my family to be blown away by how capable I was. There I was… Read more »