Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

January 2010 – Editor’s Note

the greatest joy Somewhere not so very long ago in the larger scheme of things, I was expecting my first baby.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was so proud to be pregnant!  As the months went along day after day I enjoyed the attention that carrying a baby brings.  I never rebuffed… Read more »

A Thousand Words

I spent the day reminiscing at my desk … clearing away 2010 and getting ready for 2011 and the February issue (and it’s five days till Christmas!).  Alone in our editorial office — a great space across the lake from the Titan’s practice facility; this is my last day before taking off the rest of… Read more »

My Kids’ Favorite Cookie

My kids love making Christmas cookies with me each year — you really need to set aside a morning and afternoon to do this. We make several different batches of long-standing favorites including buttery Christmas cut-outs that we decorate, Lemon Oaties, Oat Lacies, oh-so-thin Molasses, Magic Cookie Bars and often a new recipe. But no… Read more »

Jingle Bell Stew

LIFE IN THE MOM LANE Â So I got down all the boxes of Christmas stuff myself.  With the hubster and #1 son away in Memphis for a soccer tournament, in Tennessee, if you haven’t done your holiday decorating by the day after Thanksgiving you’re behind!  So I did it myself, said the Little Red… Read more »

Kids Should Talk to Adults

With all of the stuff parents have taught their children about NOT talking to strangers, there are plenty of kids who are leery of talking to ANY adults.  But around the holidays, you actually want your children to be confident and talkative when your friends try to engage them in chat.  Developing the ability to… Read more »

A White Christmas?

Accuweather predicts a white Christmas for much of the U.S. including Middle Tennessee!  Get in the mood with the great Bing Crosby crooning “White Christmas”! It’s also a great time — since we won’t be dipping into freezing temps this weekend — for double checking your hats, mittens, scarves and jackets for the kids.  With… Read more »

Happy and Healthy Holidays

Don’t eat the poinsettia, careful with all of those electrical cords and outlets, stay back from simmering stoves and more … here are helpful holidays safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics

A Merry December Issue, Indeed

Dear Readers!  Get ready for our best issue yet: December, 2010 includes a wealth of new info for parents plus the BIGGEST and BEST calendar of the year.  You’ll also find our FIRST EVER double-page pull-out of celebrity moms (not telling who!) and a review of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando.  PLUS… Read more »

A Baby Holidaze?

Having a baby during the holidays can be tough.  My firstborn arrived on December 17 and not only did I have trouble with breastfeeding, but my inlaws were arriving and I had a major case of “trying to make everything just right” on my hands.  Come Christmas Eve I was a basket case! I remember… Read more »

Thanksgiving hut two three

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, I’ve got a list a mile long of what we need to get done at the house.  Bedroom and bathroom cleaning is number one Saturday morning.  Then we have to check we have all the towels, sheets, sleeping bags, pillows and what not we need for our incoming… Read more »