Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Power of a Diary

Kids have to navigate a lot as they grow up and many will benefit from the use of a diary. Just remember, it’s THEIR’s and THEIR’s alone.

Should I Be a Force-Reader?

In my household, it’s darn near impossible to get two of my kids to read. I have devised a plan to win this loss-of-reading war!

What Makes a Good Coach?

I’ve seen the mysterious legends and the college upstarts, the silent types, the overly organized, the completely disheveled, and oh yes, the screamers. So what’s best? Well, let’s look at what’s not.

Kid Parties: Pass on Perfect

Perfect finger foods or fondant later, it’s NOT about how much you work at perfect. It’s about whether or not you enjoyed planning your child’s party with your child.

First Pregnancy Mother Need

As I drove down the highway in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, the baby was moving inside me, but all I could feel was a deep, aching need for my mother.  What you don’t know driving down the interstate, in the HOV lane because you have a baby in your belly, what you don’t know… Read more »

Thoughts from My Shoe for a New Year

How on earth am I supposed to raise successful kids is what I found myself thinking the other night, flat on my back, staring at the ceiling. I didn’t think that way when they were teeny. They were pieces of cake back then … not that they’re hard now, they’re not. It’s just that before… Read more »

I Am Not Santa … Or Am I?

Are you or are you NOT Santa? What you tell your children will impact their holiday (and your grandkids!) for years to come.

Common Core at My Table … Sigh.

Who DOESN’T want their child to get a good education? The myth about the Common Core though is that the standards are somehow better than before No Child Left Behind. Come on. We can’t even remember what education was like before NCLB — but I know MY education was better than THIS!