Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Together Alone = Phone Addiction.

If we’re not careful … if we don’t consciously make an attempt to be together ON PURPOSE when we’re with someone we love … we give in to that gnawing little greedy thing called addiction to the cell phone. It’s happening everywhere, and it threatens the very fiber of the family.

Puppy in Da House!

Beware of big-hearted husbands who like surprising you with puppies, because his arms delivered Bella — a golden retriever, all 10 weeks of her — into mine. Bella has never met a stranger. Boom.

Summer Bucket List 2014

Sitting in my backyard, I have a grand view of knock-out roses and willow trees, birds zooming here, bees buzzing there. It’s nature going on, doing it’s thing, biding it’s time. I’m the only human in sight. It’s nice to just sit with my coffee, watch my dogs sniffing around, linger with the morning before… Read more »

Happy Life.

In the long, uneventful days that often fill up our lives, we need to see the stars; feel the sunshine on our faces when it’s there — and have faith that it will be.

Monitoring Screen Time Matters

Kids lose out on all that life offers when all they do is sit in front of one screen or another. Plug into parenting and unplug the family from time to time!

Words ARE Mean

With kids able to text constantly, you’d better believe that words DO hurt, not just sticks and stones.

Killing Cursive.

For me, technology does not trump all. And in the “cursive doesn’t matter anymore” scenario, letting cursive slip away from what kids learn in school is simply one more nail in the “we’re-only-interested-in-data drama.” I love debate, and I love how our readers light up our Facebook page daily, with opinions galore; many of you… Read more »

Whose Life IS it, Anyway?

The depersonalization of education has begun. Can parents stop the march of data building? Probably not. Should parents be concerned about who will get their hands on all the data? Absolutely.

Our Cores Are Full of Feeling

The entirety of the Common Core was passed without parent knowledge and the root of the change concerns THIS mom.

Gone to College

She’s on her own at college now. And things will never be the same again.