Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Teen Driver, Jittery Me

Just because your teen has a license doesn’t mean you should send him out on the highways. Parents have to feel secure about it first which means practice, practice, practice.

All of the Sudden

When your kids are little, you have no idea that suddenly … they will be grown.

Let Your Children DO THINGS!

Who’s life is it anyway? Don’t you want your children to grow up to be able to do everything for themselves?

Just About Now School Would Be Nice!

Seems a shame to take down a Christmas tree that is still emitting the fragrance of pine. This year we had the best tree ever … and yet for Nashville, I’m behind. Most people take the tree down day after Christmas, right? Not me. We keep it up until New Year’s Day, keeping the fun… Read more »

He Loves Ice Hockey

He looks cool on the ice. He has a swagger. He is also an expert skater, stick handler, slap shotter. He’s my boy. And he’s awesome to me. That’s what’s so thrilling. Because he’s got it together. He’s a mean machine out there, a Jr. Predator, and he’s not afraid to hit hard, bear down,… Read more »

Bittersweet Birthday

Somewhere in the middle of the worn cardboard boxes scribbled with Sharpie notations like 6 – 12 months, crossed out and replaced with 18 – 36 months … Somewhere in the middle of the 20 oh-so-soft and now thin flannel swaddling blankets my mother-in-law made me when my firstborn arrived (I used them with all… Read more »

Kids & Friendships

Little kids are so vulnerable and open … much of the time life happens TO them and they are simply along for the ride. But when it comes to little kids and friendship, at a certain point, just about when a child is zeroing-in on 10-years-old, it’s time for them to know how to pick… Read more »