Susan Day

Susan Swindell Day is editor in chief of this publication and the mom of four great kids.

Never Forget 9/11

There have only been two times when I’ve actually fallen to my knees for grief. One was in New York City when at the Playhouse as young actors we watched a woman leap to her doom from her apartment. The other was on 9/11 after I put my children to bed, walked outside and looked… Read more »

Boy Grows Tall

With each of my four kids I have snippets of memories in my mind from when they were young. I know that as I get older bits and pieces will return to me, and that’s good because when you’re a busy, running around mom you miss things, or at least things don’t “cement” the way… Read more »

Dog Days Are Here

What’s a mom to do when the hottest day of the year’s upon you? Have a fish fry, of course! It’s officially hotter than hot, my dogs need a flea bath and I’m surrounded by 5 boys all on top of one another, trying to stay cool in the playroom upstairs. Loud. Banging. Is. Heard…. Read more »

My Heart Has Been Blessed

Every so often a huge talent should be recognized. Nan Gurley is one of those talents. When local actor Nan Gurley sings “Climb Every Mountain” at the end of Act I in Studio Tenn’s new production of The Sound of Music currently on the boards at the spiffy Franklin Theatre through June 17, it’s absolutely… Read more »

Let Kids Pick the Sport

We skipped T-ball when my 4-year-old daughter was little and went right to soccer. So excited to join the other parents toting collapsible chairs and water bottles, and to watch our firstborn running in cleats and driving in goals, I was green behind the ears and naive to what sports for kids really meant. I… Read more »

Be at the Party, Mom!

The photographs you take of your child’s next birthday will tell the story … or not. What kind of story will it be? One in which you are racing around grousing that you don’t have time to throw a birthday party? One in which you are frazzled and unhappy looking in the shots? Or one… Read more »

Saturday Night with the Boys

Here I sit alone at my kitchen table this Saturday night, wow what a bore I am! My 3 noisy boys are upstairs with Stewart — Predator’s Hockey is on — so it’s nice and quiet down here while the boys play knee hockey up there. Today I should have cleaned house but didn’t. We… Read more »

My Little Boy

His hair is growing out of control but it’s the “flow” he wants. He is 9-years-old. He is full of vim and vigor and he is adorable. It’s funny how much a kid becomes himself. He will not put up with much grief from his older brothers and stands up for himself. He’s been doing… Read more »

Girls, Bedrooms and Growing Up

When my daughter was little, I gave her baby dolls because I loved playing with dolls when I was a little. I’d play for hours with my “babies,” then for hours with my Barbies when I got a little older, creating huge mansions for them throughout my entire room. If American Girl dolls had have… Read more »

We Need a Little Christmas

My kids love pouring over the endless march of catalogs that get stuffed into our mailbox between Thanksgiving and Christmas (that’s a lot of trees, I think!). Who cares if the economy is in the tank and everyone’s penny pinching? They’re just kids and the catalogs are poring in to lure them forth. For me,… Read more »