Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

A Clean ‘n Easy Family Fridge

Leftovers, messy ketchup bottles, and yes, some things looking like science projects!  If you dread having to clean out your refrigerator, break it into 10-minute a day tasks until it’s clean.   Here’s how:  • Divide the fridge into numerous sections: The inside door; shelves (each shelf counts as one section); drawers; the outside of the fridge…. Read more »

End Nail Biting Now!

Do you have a nail biter at your house?  Some kids are unaware that they bite their nails, while others know exactly what they are doing but can’t stop. Some bite out of boredom, others because they are anxious about something. Make a conscious effort to help your child stop biting his nails by: Tip#1:… Read more »

Pantry Power

If your kids are eating poorly, it’s time to take back your pantry! Kids cannot eat what IS NOT THERE! That’s the good news on the home front. You CAN manage to get healthy snacks into your forever grazing kids by only providing healthy alternatives.  If you notice unhealthy eating habits at your house, it’s… Read more »

Forever Friends

Children need help when it comes to making friends and that help comes from YOU. Have you noticed yet that your child is curious about YOUR friends? And that if your friends have children then your child wants to be friends with them? Start friendships for your child by inviting your friends over for the children… Read more »

Forgetful Tooth Fairy?!

Children lose about 20 teeth between the ages of 5 and 12 … so if the Tooth Fairy misses a night, well, she’s a busy little fairy!  Here are strategies to help you if the absent minded minx leaves your child in tears: Fake It! According to, one way you can save face is… Read more »

Tempt Those Tastebuds

You CAN get your tots to eat better; the trick is in the variety and preparation! The book, Food for Little Fingers: Finger Foods Without White Flour, Salt of Added Sugar receives rave reviews from mom readers on Parents find easy ways to get spinach and other unheard of items into their children in… Read more »

Safe at Home

April 3 – 9 is National Window Safety Week so do a check of all your windows at home to prevent accidental falls or injuries. Also keep in mind that windows serve as emergency exits – so as you do your check, consider the following tips: •Â Keep furniture like beds or dressers away from windows…. Read more »

Pretty Windows

Let the sunshine in with these easy window cleaning tips as you tackle your spring cleaning!  CLEAN WINDOW TIPS from Handy Hannah   1. Never clean your windows between 12pm-2pm during hotter months. This can cause streakiness on your windows, not to mention window cleaning unbearable in the heat. 2. Use a professional window cleaning agent…. Read more »

3 Rainy Day Ideas

Delight your youngster with these easy at-the-ready activities today!   Feely Box Materials •  Large cloth bag or pillowcase •  Assortment of toy animals and familiar objects •  Rubber band Directions Without your child watching, choose three or four toys or objects that belong to him (for example, a hairbrush, teddy bear, shoe, or toy… Read more »

You Gotta Laugh

      OK so it’s Monday and you’re already at your wits end at home?!  Put up your feet for five secs and download a free copy of The Kids are Driving Me Crazy by Lisa Barker.  The mom and blogger offers up six 10-minute laughter breaks that will re-set your mom mode and… Read more »