Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

Protect Your Child’s Skin!

Avoid sunburns on your kids this spring and summer by being diligent with sunscreen.   Six or seven sunburns in childhood can leave a young adults susceptible to skin cancer, so apply it on your child even if it’s for a simple game of baseball! More tips for you and your children: • Start prevention… Read more »

Coke: 5 Amazing Tips

  Spring cleaning is on your mind, right?  But there are a few stickler items around the house you need a bit more elbow grease for.  Here are 5 great ways a not-so-average can of coke can be used around the house. • Use it to clean the soot off of the stones or brick… Read more »

Puppet Power

Fun moms have a bag of tricks to pull from in all kinds of situations.  When your child is down or stressed, distract with a Puppet! Author Susan Linn writes on the amazing way children respond to puppets in her book, The Case for Make Believe ( Newpress; $17.95). Kids adore puppets and they can be… Read more »

Thrush After Antibiotics?

Yogurt Can Help if your baby develops thrush – a common yeast infection that appears whiteish on the lips, tongue and the inside of the cheeks in reaction to the antibiotics.  Along with killing the harmfulbacteria that made Baby sick, antibiotics can also kill the beneficial bacteria in the mouth. In infants, treatment is often unnecessary,… Read more »

Breastfeeding: Be Ready

Many first-time moms aim to breastfeed their infants and that’s wonderful. But for new moms managing a whole lot of new once their baby arrives, breastfeeding can be tricky … Oh, you may think you know what to do from what you’ve read and heard, but the reality of doing is a different matter altogether…. Read more »

Books … for Breakfast!

Here’s a great way to get your child to the breakfast table fast in the morning: When he goes to bed at night, have him pick out a handful of his favorite books.  Picture books are great for this, no matter the age of the child, because kids just want to eat and enjoy in… Read more »

Tummy VIrus Woes

It’s the middle of the night and your little one is sick “¦ There’s nothing as lowly for kids as a stomach virus, and Middle Tennessee is seeing its fare share. Gastroenteritis – the plain old stomach virus – can last anywhere from 1 to 3 days and make a child feel crummy. It’s also… Read more »

March 2011 – Editor’s Note

Children Will Listen Seems like only yesterday my daughter, my firstborn, sat at her little booster seat attached to the table and slowly, slowly picked up her peas … one at a time … staring at me as she did so.  I can still see her toddler eyes – she’s always had these amazing light-blue… Read more »

Playdate Prep

  Your child will behave like the angel he is when he’s invited to a playdate if you lead him to success with one key strategy says Jenn Berman, author of The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy, Confident Kids:  REMIND AHEAD OF TIME! • Go over good-behavior expectations at home with your little… Read more »

Sibling Snow Day Woes?

The kids can start getting on each other when they’re cooped up too long.  While it’s natural to pick on one another when we’re bored, parents should try to exercise patience rather than participate in the problem, making it worse. When your children start bickering or even fighting, it’s time to separate them, says Peter… Read more »