Susan Swindell Day, Editor

Susan Swindell Day is the editor in chief of Nashville Parent and the mom of four amazing kids.

Traveling with Tots!

For parents traveling on air planes with infants and tots this Thanksgiving, plan ahead with these handy tips:   • Travel with a backpack so your hands are free for the kids • Try to schedule a feeding for departure time.  This way, the sucking motion will make Baby’s ears pop and he won’t be… Read more »

Parenting Tip Of The Day

We know you’ve started your holiday shopping already – or maybe you’re about to.  Before you make any purchases, be sure to check on the newly released toy recalls.

All the World’s a Stage

Shannon Whitford doesn’t usually stand out in a crowd. She’s quiet and shy. But once she gets on stage, that timidity disappears.


As we grow older and years go by, we begin coming to terms with the fact that we really are on our own in this world. Now don’t go getting all bummed out or anything. That’s not to say that we don’t thrive among family and others who care for us and who can be… Read more »

Dress Your Kids Like an Onion… in Layers

It may be cold outside, but it’s just as important for children to get physical activity during the winter as it is during the warmer months. That means outdoor play!   Lots of kids take it upon themselves to toss their hats and jackets off; plenty of kids think its “cool” not to wear winter… Read more »

Destin’s Your Destiny

This great seaside town’s got you covered no matter when your family visits!

Babies and Sleep

There’s no easy way around sleep deprivation in your baby’s first year – but babies and sleep can eventually become a science.

Doin’ Up Disney

It’s the number one family vacation — and an awesome one! We went there on fall break and returned with insights, tips, great memories and (this is the real Disney magic) a desire to go back!