Babywearing Comforts

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Cuddle up with your little one with these fun carriers, slings, wraps & covers.

When it comes to taking baby out and about, you want to be comfortable toting him around. Most of the time children want to be held and carried anyway, so why not utilize one of the many babywearing options available? Here are some of our favorites … including a cover (the Cuddleroo pictured above) that could double as a Halloween costume!

1. Baby Wrap

Ergobaby Baby Wrap

by Ergobaby,, $80
This stretchy wrap flexes in all directions for the perfect fit and it’s easy to tie, made from moisture-absorbent fabric for comfort.

2. Sling

Seven Slings

by Seven Slings,, $39.95
Carry your child weighing 8 – 35 pounds in a comfy sling sized just for you.

3. Gemini Baby Carrier


Beco Bus

by BECO,, $150
A four-in-one baby carrier in a limited edition print for babies weighing 7 – 34 pounds.

4. MOBY Wrap Original


by MOBY Wrap,, $44.95
This washable wrap carries babies 8 – 35 pounds, providing you with a comfortable “X” position across the back.

5. Cuddleroo Unicorn

by CuddleRoo,, $75 (pictured top of page)
It’s a hoodie for your child (up to 18 months) to wear while you’re wearing her in most styles of soft-structured baby carriers (available in other styles, too).

6. Paris Adjustable Sling

Balboa Sling

by Balboa Baby,, $60
This one-size adjustable sling allows you to cradle, cuddle and carry your baby weighing 8 – 35 pounds.

7. Lightly Padded Sling

Maya Wrap

by Maya Wrap,, $79.95
Light padding provides comfort for the wearer of babies 8 – 35 pounds; includes a breast-feeding cover and a pocket, too.

8. Baby Carrier One


by BabyBjörn,, $189.95
Offers four front and back carrying positions for newborn to age 3 with a waist belt for extra support (available in cotton or mesh fabric).

9. Solly Baby Wrap

Solly Wrap

by Solly Baby,, $65
Tie it around your waist and wrap Baby in comfort; available in many new colors for fall.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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