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Inspire a love for nature and country — as well as a love for reading — with the favorite Charlotte's Web by E. B. White. — Kiera Ashford

I’m a country girl raised with a foot in the creek and a foot in the city. I may have lived within city limits, and my husband always calls me a city girl because of it, but I spent most of my time at great-grandma’s house … way out in the country. I remember staying weekend after weekend, exploring the fields, wading in the creek, picking (and secretly eating) from the big garden, playing in the barn, etc. Well, now that great-grandma’s gone, I don’t have that lovely farm to escape to anymore. But, I didn’t want my kids growing up without that sort of experience. A great way to introduce them into it is with a good story. One that can truly have you loving the country life in no time at all. At least, that’s how it is to me when I read Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White.

CharlottesWeb2What kid can’t love a good story about animals that can talk? The story also shows how kids can develop a long relationship with their pets, too. Now, we all know there are some sad parts to the story, but don’t be scared to allow your children to listen to the story. It’s a great way to also help develop character. Sure, they might have some questions, but you can handle it.

Before long, your children will be running around with their dog (or whatever pet they have) trying to figure out what’s going on in their little minds. Allow them to get outside and have some fun. Take them to a farm after you’ve completed the story. Take some pictures of the animals you see and ask your child about the animals. If they were to appear in the story, what would they do?

After I read the story when I was little, I was fascinated by spider webs. I would go outside and search for them. Sometimes only finding a tiny one, but the day was made when you found that HUGE one with little droplets of dew on it. It’s fun to relate a story to real life … searching for things that link to the story.

It’s stories like Charlotte’s Web that helped inspire me to play outside more and more growing up. Yeah, to some, farm life seems harsh and not so fun. But, if you let your mind wander and allow yourself to explore the country side, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. This book is more than 60 years old and still holds strong as one of the most beloved children’s books. A great book to start your family’s collection with.

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