Carol for Fannie Battle

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Spread holiday cheer while supporting local kids.

One of the most festive ways to spread joy during the holidays is to Christmas carol! Fannie Battle Caroling for Kids celebrates its 101st anniversary this year.

From Dec. 1 – 24, your family can go door to door in neighborhoods of your choice to sing and collect money for the Fannie Battle Day Home for Children. The center provides affordable, high-quality child care to at-risk youngsters.


Getting involved is easy. All you do is sign up and choose where you want to carol. You will receive caroling bags complete with song sheets and instructions. When December rolls around, gather your group, don your gay apparel and warm up your pipes. Most of all, have fun with your family while supporting local kids. This caroling opportunity is a classic and fantastic way to engage your kids in a fun activity that fits with the season of giving.

Registration is now open. In addition, if you attend the Caroling for Kids Open House on Wednesday, Nov. 1. (4 – 5:30 p.m.), you can learn more about the fundraiser while touring the home. It’s free; RSVP at the website first.

Fannie Battle Day Home for Children is located at 108 Chapel Ave., Nashville. Learn more at 615-228-6745 or

Chad Young is the managing editor and arts/entertainment editor for this publication.

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