Costumes for Babies

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When it comes to dressing up for Halloween with a baby ... ideas may seem scarce. Actually ... they're not. All it takes is a little imagination and effort to achieve something fun!

Trick-or-treating while toting a baby doesn’t have to be boring. Have a little fun with the costumes … and even your own! It’s pretty easy to mix the two together, too.

A Costumed Ride

Did you know that the easiest way to dress your baby up for Halloween is to incorporate his ride? Whether he’s being pulled in a wagon or riding in his stroller, there are fun ways his costume can be part of the decoration made for his ride. For starters, if he’s riding in a wagon, be sure he’s secured and propped up well. Have the rest of the area where Baby is not sitting covered in cardboard, but be sure to make a section of it level and flat (like a tray). You can make just about anything after that! Here are some examples:

  • Student at a desk: Dress Baby up in a school outfit with fake glasses. The flat area around him is made to look like desk.
  • Mouse in a mousetrap: Baby is dressed like a mouse. The flat area around the wagon is made to look like a giant mouse trap.
  • Swimmer in a pool: Dress baby up in skin-tone clothing and swim suit over it. Put a round float around him. The flat area around the wagon is painted like pool water.
  • Child on a sled: Baby is dressed in winter gear waist up. The flat area around him is decorated like a sled. Fake legs are attached to the front of his suit and laid out over the top of the sled.
  • Little Fireman in Truck: Dress Baby up like a fireman and decorate the flat area like a red fire truck.
  • Superhero in Car: Dress Baby up like Batman and decorate the flat area like the Batmobile!
  • Pirate on Ship: Dress baby up like a pirate and decorate the outer area like a pirate ship.

Tag Team Costume

If you don’t want to worry about pulling a wagon around all night and you’re more comfortable with babywearing, then blend both your costumes together! It’s easy with a little help with ideas like these:

  • Theater Attendant and Bag of Popcorn: You dress up as a person that works at a movie theater. Take a plain white baby cap and glue on popcorn (or even fake popcorn). Take a white pillow case and glue on red stripes to make it look like a popcorn bag. Cut down both sides and add velcro. Put baby in a front carrier where he can face outward. Slide pillow case up and secure with velcro.
  • Koala & Her Baby: You dress up all in gray. Add a piece of white fabric to make the belly. Make some ears out of fur and add to a headband. Put baby in a back carrier where he’s riding on your back. Dress him up the same as you.
  • Chef & Food: You dress up as a chef. You can do any carrier for this costume as it will depend on what you want your baby to wear. If you’re using a outward facng front carrier, baby could be a lobster, bag of potatoes, giant cupcake, etc. If you’re using a baby wrap and he’s cradled, Baby can be a pea in a pod, a banana, etc.
  • Cowboy on Horse: Dress baby up like a cowboy to sit in a carrier on your back and you wear a horse costume!

The Solo Costume

Now, if you don’t feel like dressing up and you don’t really want to put up so much fuss about it, then Baby can be anything you want him to be! Have fun with it. You can make your own costume or check out the many readily available ones at your local stores. The important thing is that you have fun.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of three.

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