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Remember to keep a third eye open when picking up ... you never know when you can turn something old and forgotten into a great crafting project.

SnowmanLiving out in the country has its perks … less city noise, land to play on, the wildlife … I could go on, but you get the point. However, there are more things to clean up and keep up when living out in the country. While tending to the fields and cleaning up shrubs and debris, we come across weird things all the time. If it’s good, I’ll usually store most of my finds in the shed for future crafts. Like a fence post … for example. When we found it, the kids thought I was crazy when I said I wanted to make something out of it. Here’s what we ended up doing.

Fence Post Snowman

What You Need
old fence post cut into two different sizes (5 inches and 3 inches)
white paint
black and brown puff paint
any other color of paint for scarf
sand paper

NOTE: You will need to have either a hand saw or a jig saw to cut it in two, or have someone you know do it for you. If you don’t have a fence post lying around, Home Depot has one similar to ours for under $4 and will cut it for you. Lowe’s does not have this style fence post and can’t cut anything of that size anyway (that’s what they told me). We ended up buying one to make more snowmen!

What You Do

  1. Once you have your two pieces of wood, sand them down to make the surface as smooth as you can get it.
  2. Paint each white all over.
  3. Once the white paint is dry, use the black puff paint to make the eyes, mouth and spots on belly.
  4. Use the brown puff paint to draw on stick arms.
  5. With your different colors of paint, give him a scarf (or you can tie a ribbon on).
  6. You can add any other details you see fit. Once you’re done, stack them together to form your snowman.

So, as our children help us tend to the land and clean it up, they’re learning to look at things differently. Some stuff is just trash that washes up during floods from the creek bed, but there are some things that can be re-purposed. AND, the kids LOVE making a craft out of something they found. It gives them a story to tell when someone asks us where we got it.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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