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Hey, Nashville Predators Fans! Here's a hockey puck craft that you'll LOVE! It's easy, fun, and a great craft for kids or even a homemade Father's Day gift.

Hockey fans of nearly all ages will love making this hockey puck craft. It’s so simple that even a 2-year-old could do it. Once you get the basics done, you can personalize it with whatever you wish with the help of your printer.

What You Need
Circle box
Black paint
Paint brushes
Printout of your fave hockey team’s emblem (of course, I printed out a Nashville Predators’ emblem)
Glue stick

What You Do

  1. Cover your work area with newspaper.
  2. Set the lid to the box down on the paper and turn the bottom side upside down next to the lid.
  3. Paint both and allow to dry completely.
  4. Once dry, flip them over and paint the inside and the allow that to dry completely.
  5. While that’s drying, cut out your team’s emblem.
  6. Once your box is completely dry, apply glue using the glue stick to the entire back of your paper emblem and then stick it to the center of the lid.

The finished hockey puck craft can be used for a Nashville Predators hockey fan or even as a great homemade Father’s Day gift. It’s great for keeping change in or tiny objects that kids would collect.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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