Crafting for a Reason

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Crafting to me is sort of a therapy. Other times, I do it for a good reason ... getting my kids busy with something to keep them occupied!

I’ve done so many crafts over the years. Many of them, however, were done without my kids. I treat my crafting time as a time of peace and quiet — wow, that makes me sound old! LOL. Truthfully, there are more and more adults doing crafts everyday than ever before! I wonder if they realized what that time can actually be used for like I did.

That time? Yeah, it’s a time to give something to my kids to do that they enjoy. To occupy them! To get their creative juices flowing. To … oh, you get the point. This turns out to be nearly the only time I can quickly clean house without having to turn around and pick more toys up. I’ve got my kids in the kitchen busy with a craft. See, there’s a REASON to craft. Many reasons at that. Whether you’re trying to perfect a new idea or create your own collection of Pinterest fails (which, if you do, share them with us because they are so FUNNY!). I would normally share mine, but I get TCS when my crafts go wrong. Maybe you do, too. It’s called Trash Can Syndrome. Your hands unwillingly smash the craft at lightning speed down into the pit of the rest of the garbage. LOL. I try to hold my breath during this so that my kids don’t witness my crushing craft being thrown into the trash.

When they’re around, I usually just walk away from it and say that they can complete the craft for me. Thus, giving them something to do that I was working on, which somehow makes it more important for them, while I walk off and cool off. See, another crafting-for-a-reason point.

Whether your reason for crafting, it can be fun. Now, whether or not it ends as a fun project all depends on you. Relax and enjoy.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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