Crafty Inspiration for Halloween

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Get crafty this Halloween with the use of these books. You'll love them so much that it will be hard to restrain yourself from making everything in them!

As Halloween nears, I always feel the crafty side of me screaming to get out. We love to make and create together in my house. No, we’re not that perfect little family, but I love crafts myself and that has influenced my children a lot. So, I want to share with you some of our favorite books that we turn to when we feel the itch to make something fun. These books are also a great way to inspire you to create your child’s Halloween costume. I’ve provided the original retail price of the books, but with a little searching online (or maybe at your local favorite bookstore), you’re sure to find it cheaper.

Cute Costumes

Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids

Cute and Easy Costumes for Kids: 35 Fun Dressing-Up Ideas for Children (CICO Books; $19.95) by Emma Hardy is filled with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and the photos are glorious! My daughter loves to flip through this book on nearly a daily basis. While these costumes may require some sewing, with a little bit of imagination, you could find your way around that, I’m sure of it. The costumes are section out into categories like Animals and Insects, which includes a ladybug, lion and more; Adventures, which includes a pirate, knight, gladiator and more; Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes, which includes a fairy, princess, elf, cupcake and more; Costume Classics like a wizard, Indian, robot and more; and finally Halloween featuring a witch, Frankenstein, skeleton and more. Included inside the book are full-size pull-out patterns, too.

Now I am a Princess Pirate

Now I am a Princess and Now I am a Pirate

These two books are specifically about the one subject in it’s title, but it’s everything you would need to make the pirate or princess costume complete. In Now I am a Princess (Ryland, Peters & Small; $14.95) by Catherine Osborne, not only do you get instructions and ideas on how to make the perfect princess wardrobe — including crowns — but also how to make a dragon. Because, what princess doesn’t need to be rescued from a fire-breathing dragon? Right? The book has several craft ideas but it’s mainly telling you all about how to create the princess world for your little girl. In Now I am a Pirate (Ryland, Peters & Small; $14.95) by Catherine Osborne, this book is filled with costume ideas, props and more. The pictures will inspire you to build a ship of your own or make the grandest of forts.

Halloween Tricks and Treats

Halloween Tricks and Treats

In Halloween Tricks and Treats: Spooky Snacks, Creepy Crafts, and More for the Whole Family (Time Inc., Home Entertainment; $19.95) by Matthew Mead, you can find all kinds of fun treats to make for your Halloween party. This book is by far my favorite one when it comes to preparing for Halloween. There are so many unique and trendy decoration ideas that no one else will have. You can decorate your home with them and stand out from all the rest! Even the treats are super cute and easy to make. You’ll fall in love with this book, too. Every time I open this book, I just feel like I want to make every single thing in it! It’s so delightful.


Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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