Creepy Spider Web

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For Halloween, out fit your house with tons of spider webs ... the crafty ones, of course! All you need is hot glue, plastic spiders and some creativity.

If you really want to make something fun and unique for your Halloween decor, check out this craft. All you really need is wax paper (or plastic wrap), hot glue gun and some plastic spiders and away you go!

Set your hot glue gun on the lowest setting. Spread out a sheet of wax paper — or a piece of plastic wrap — on a cool, smooth surface like your counter top. Once your glue gun is at the temperature that the glue can come out easily and consistently, you can start your craft. Now, since we’re using a hot glue gun, this is a craft that is for older children or just the parents. Please use your own discretion. If you want, you can take a sheet of white paper and sketch out a spider web. You’ll want to make one that is for a corner. So, prepare the paper as such. Or, you can just wing it and create something on the fly.

Start at what you would want to be the top corner. Think like it’s going to run down the wall and across a ceiling. You’re not really going to make one that big … well, unless you really want to … but it’s just to give you an idea of the direction you need to go. So, start at the top, and squirt glue across in a line. Go back to your starting point and squirt glue down. Now make some glue strands starting from the corner (your starting point) and going downward and out. You’ll need a few of these lines to make it look like a web. Now, you can start making glue arches connecting the lines to form your glue web.

Once you’re all done, let it cool and dry. Then, carefully pull it off the wax paper or plastic wrap. If your hot glue gun is too hot, it will melt to the plastic wrap (we used that because that’s what we actually had on hand). When it’s all off the paper, you can tape it to a corner of something like your fireplace or on your front porch. The light will hit it giving it a look that it’s a spider web with morning dew on it. COOL!

Make as many as you want and put them up in corners all over the house like in doorways and such.

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Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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