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About Harvest Martial Arts

Harvest Martial Arts is a traditional martial arts school that teaches Han Mu Do and fitness classes to both adults and kids. We have a broad range of classes and a very accessible schedule to make sure that you can attend our martial arts classes at the most convenient time. We are located in Historic Downtown Franklin, Tennessee.

Justin Martin is a Black Belt and Certified Instructor of Han Mu Do under Dr. He-Young Kimm. Mr. Martin has a trained in multiple styles of martial arts throughout the years and has a passion for teaching martial arts classes for both adults and kids. 

Harvest Martial Arts teaches Han Mu Do classes for children and adults. Han Mu Do is a system developed after 40 years of study and training by Dr. Kimm. It is a collection of traditional Korean Arts that includes striking and kicking techniques, throws and takedowns, joint locks and pressure points for self defense situations. Students also learn traditional weapons forms and techniques including sword, staff, short stick and knife.

Han Mu Do provides more than just a self defense focus. The Student Creed’s three tenets are optimism, balance and harmony. These tenets will be taught and emphasized as students develop inside the school and throughout their lives.

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