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Bad news for moms-to-be: Drinking even a few alcoholic beverages per week during pregnancy could lower a baby’s IQ by a few points, a Nov. 14, 2012 study says. The findings also suggest that women whose bodies process alcohol slowly are at greater risk of harming their baby’s brain development.
“Some women are going to be genetically more vulnerable or resilient than others to the effects of alcohol on the fetus, but we don’t know who these people are,” says study co-author Ron Gray, an epidemiologist at the University of Oxford.
Last summer, a Centers for Disease Control Study found that 1 in 13 pregnant women in the U.S. drink alcohol. And of those who said they drank, 1 in 5 admitted to going on at least one binge —having four or more drinks at once. Another study came out last summer that found that drinking during pregnancy has long-lasting effects on children’s size.

So the question is, WHY DRINK WHEN PREGNANT?

Learn more about the troubling effects of it on baby’s development at the March of Dimes.

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