Easy Locker Curtain

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Turn a plain handkerchief into a fun and easy DIY locker curtain. Your school kid will love to make it and show it off in their own locker at school.

When kids open their lockers at school, it’s usually to just throw the books in, slam the door shut and move along. However, the trend these days is to dress those boring old lockers up with some fun stuff! Check out this easy, DIY locker curtain. You can make it in any length or color to match your style.

What You Need
Handkerchief, stapler, ribbon, roll of sticker magnetic strip

What You Do

  • Fold to pleat the fabric and staple in place. Repeat until it has all been pleated and staples line the top. It’s a “no-sew” approach.
  • Cut off a length of the magnetic strip to fit the length of the top of the curtain. Pull the paper backing off and stick it to the top of the curtain over the staples.
  • Gather it at about the middle and tie with a ribbon. You might want to add another strip of the magnet to the side of the ribbon so that when you hang it along the top of the locker, the magnet will help hold it to the side.

Kiera Ashford is associate editor of Nashville Parent and mother of two rambunctious kids and a new baby!

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