Crafts for Kids

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Paper Daffodils


Welcome SPRING with this cute craft for kids. What You’ll Need Yellow paper cups Yellow paper plates Box tape Scissors What You’ll Do Take one paper plate out of your stack. Fold it in half. With your scissors, cut off one corner. Now cut off the same amount from the other corner. Round out the… Read more »



Get ready for St. Patrick’s Day with this festive craft! By the time the day arrives, you’ll have clovers all around with this easy-to-do project with the kiddos.

Fuzzy Clovers


If you can’t find a real four-leaf clover, make one! These fuzzy clovers are easy, but they do require the help of an adult.

Yarn-Wrapped Letters


This is so simple to do that even a 6-year-old can do this … with just a little help from an adult. What You’ll Need Cardboard Marker Scissors Yarn Tape What You’ll Do Draw a simple letter on the cardboard. Cut that letter out with your scissors. Take your yarn and tape the starting point… Read more »

Valentine Card Holder


Just about everyone is gearing up for Valentine’s Day at the schools. Has your child made his/her Valentine card holder for school? Here’s one for a girl that is super cute and easy to do.

Pretty Up Pickle Jars with Burlap


Don’t throw away the pickle jars! You can use jars of any size for this kind of craft. What You Need Pickle jar Burlap ribbon or Tulle Hot glue Floral wire What You Do Clean out the jar and let it dry. Wrap a piece of burlap ribbon around the jar and cut the amount… Read more »