Crafts for Kids

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Doily Bowl


Here’s a craft for kids that’s super easy and can be used as decoration or given as a gift. What You’ll Need Crocheted doily (Michael’s has some for $1) Embellishments (little flowers, etc.) Mod Podge glue Paint brush Vase or bowl Plastic wrap Plastic bowl for the glue What You’ll Do Place your doily in… Read more »

Easy Coat Hooks for Kids


Need a coat hook to place lower for your child to reach? You can make a personalized one yourself with just a few things from Lowe’s and possibly around your home. There’s a pictorial guide at the bottom of the instructions, too. What You’ll Need Coat hook (found ours at Lowe’s in the cabinet knob… Read more »

Corn Cob Bird Feeder


Crafts are not for the birds … or are they? This is a little, messy craft for kids that benefits the birds, too! After having corn on the cob one night for dinner, save the cobs and let them dry out in the sun or on a window sill — you will need these for… Read more »

Water Drop Magnets


This craft allows you to make personalized magnets that look like water drops. There’s a step-by-step pictorial guide for you to follow, too. What You’ll Need 1″ Glass marbles with a flat side Pictures or scrapbook paper with patterns Hot glue Pen/pencil Scissors Magnets What You’ll Do Grab a sheet of scrapbook paper or a… Read more »

Giant Lady Bugs!


Want a super fun, super easy craft to do with your kids today? Giant Lady Bugs are the way to go. They are so quick to make that you will probably make lots. You can get creative and use different colors, too. What you need: Paper plates Plastic cup Black crayon Red construction paper Black… Read more »