One-Minute Parent

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Nix Fighting, Spare Kids


Arguing parents happen, it’s a fact of life, and many parents will argue in front of their kids. Only think twice if you’re fights escalate in front of kids. While “good” arguing can help them learn how to resolve conflict constructively, “bad” arguing can show kids how to really mess up a relationship, and leave… Read more »

8 Tips = Independent Kids


Are you tired of tugging your child’s pj’s off and pulling tops over his head? Do you brush his teeth for him? Style his hair? Make an independent kid with our easy tips (and gain more time for YOU!)

Ready for Kindergarten?


Kindergarten is the first formal setting for academic work and many kids who know the alphabet and the letter sounds have a head start. Is your child ready to go?

Tips for Summer Pregnancies


Some women simply can’t bear the heat — but you can’t just “get out of the kitchen” when you’re pregnant! What to do to make hot days just a bit more bearable.