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Try these handy items for supplementing your child's enjoyable learning at home. When it comes to education, a little more help couldn't hurt.


Teaching Cash Register
Learning Resources | | $49

This cash register for kids ages 3 – 9 is not new, but plenty of parents with little kids will love to know about it. The award-winning toy offers a great way for teaching your kids about counting money and using it, too. All you have to do is “play store” with your kids! They’ll love you for that — but watch out, they’ll want to it over and over again — sorry! — susan day


Alphabet Dry Erase Flashcards Grades PK-1
Mead | | $8.99

Your little one will have fun learning how to write his alphabet with these 32 dry erase flashcards. Make a mistake, erase and try again! These are great for using up time in the car. These flashcards help build children’s letter formations, beginning phonics and early writing skills.  — kiera ashford


Smarty Pants
Melissa & Doug | | $11

Kids in grades PreK – 2 can have fun packing their brain full of knowledge with this interesting set. Including 120 cards, you get facts and educational questions, puzzles and games. Each age level set is designed to fit that grade’s curriculum and learning style.  — ka




DK_10MinuteMathK10 Minutes a Day: Math
DK | | $9.99 each

Students in Grades K, 2, 4 and 5 (1 and 3 are coming soon) can improve their math knowledge with DK’s workbook plus built-in 10-minute timer. Filled with 80 pages of math problems (aligned with Common Core Standards), these workbooks are designed to allow your child quick, timed practice on their math level. The timer makes it a little more fun to see how much you can get done in 10 minutes.  — ka

CursiveBookCursive Handwriting
Handwriting Without Tears | | $8.25

With more and more public schools omitting cursive handwriting from their elementary curriculum, it’s up to you to help your students learn this important skill set. Third grade is when cursive is traditionally taught; Handwriting Without Tears offers a helpful workbook to help get your kids started. It compares the difference between print and cursive alphabets, and the exercises and diagrams make it easy for students to learn. In addition to the third grade curriculum, you can also get Cursive Success (Grade 4) and Can-Do Cursive (Grade 5).  — chad young


Great Education Apps for Kids

susan day


montessoriMontessori Letter Sounds HD
Les Trois Elles Interactive | Ages 3 – 6 | $2.99
Pre-readers will love this award-winning app that uses phonics to teach letter sounds.

marble juniorMarble Math Junior
Artgig Studio | Ages 5 – 8 | $2.99
Roll and drag your marble through math operations including counting, fractions, shapes, sequencing, measurement, money, telling time and more.

greeneggsGreen Eggs and Ham
Oceanhouse Media | Ages 2 – 8 | $2.99 | iPad and iPhone
Youngsters can touch objects to bring up the words and more.

magicMagic School Bus: Oceans
Scholastic | Ages 4 and older | $8 | iPad
The wacky Ms. Frizzle and her class explore the sea with this award-winning app. Kids can enjoy pictures, games and videos.

fish schoolFish School HD
Duck Duck Moose | Ages 3 – 5 | $2.99 | iPad
Preschoolers can learn letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more with pretty fish!

PopCap | Ages 5 and older | $1.99 | iPhone, iPad
An award-winning intuitive vocabulary-building word-search game for new readers and word lovers alike.

draw and tellDraw and Tell
Duck Duck Moose | Ages 3 – 9 | $2.99 | iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Build your child’s imagination with this fun app — kids draw artwork and record the story behind it. Animation bring the art to life.

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